State Farm General Insurance Company®, State Farm’s provider of homeowners insurance in California, will cease accepting new applications including all business and personal lines property and casualty insurance, effective May 27, 2023. This decision does not impact personal auto insurance. State Farm General Insurance Company made this decision due to historic increases in construction costs outpacing inflation, rapidly growing catastrophe exposure, and a challenging reinsurance market.

SAR mobile opine values.

We know a lot about the final Aquarius design only because a detailed document containing the Scorpius specification was made available publicly by Apple (or more likely leaked and no-one cared given the project was over by then!)

… biofuels would require about half of the country’s agricultural land. Fewer flights is, naturally, the easiest way to slice carbon emissions, and so a demand drop would come with its own climate benefits. The aviation industry’s report calculates that, in 2050, the drop in demand from raising prices to pay for sustainable airplane fuel would reduce emissions by 12%, and economic measures — such as emissions-trading obligations and CO2 removal investments — would lead to a further 2% reduction, compared with a business-as-usual scenario.

These responsibilities might seem functionally equivalent to those of a marketing analyst or data scientist, which are familiar and commonplace roles. The difference is in mandate: unlike the marketing data scientist, the marketing economist is charged with interpreting data to tell a credible narrative. Data scientists and analysts seek clarity through systematic, quantitative computation; the marketing economist embraces uncertainty and attempts to model the interaction between complex systems with robust, analytical assessment as well as through deductive reasoning. 

U.S. Naval Institute News reported Thursday that “an illegal Chinese salvage operation is raiding two United Kingdom World War II warship wrecks off the coast of Malaysia.” The battleship HMS Prince of Wales and the battlecruiser HMS Repulse were sunk by the Japanese three days after Pearl Harbor, and more than 840 men were lost. “In all the war, I never received a more direct shock,” Prime Minister Winston Churchill recalled in his memoirs. 

Toyota’s Chief Scientist said that rushing the switch to electric vehicles will only make drivers hold on to gasoline vehicles longer.

There is a better alternative. Rather than using the timing of the cycle as the trigger for investment, it is much better to use the relationship between price and value. The whole point is that if we correctly diagnosed the problems as cyclical, the cycle will turn, usually within a couple of years, and the price/value gap should close when it does. So the way to prevent yourself from “being too early” is to demand a low enough price in relationship to value so that even if the time for the gap to close is on the outer end of the typical range our annualized rate of return is still very attractive.

Up to 65,000 dairy cows a year could be culled as the Government moves to bring the agriculture sector in line with climate targets, according to a report by the Irish Independent.

Orwell’s failed prediction stemmed from two reasons. First, he was imbued with zero-sum thinking. It should have been obvious that India was not necessary to the high standard of living enjoyed in England because most of that high standard of living came from increases in the productivity of labor brought about capitalism and the industrial revolution and most of that was independent of empire (Most. Maybe all. Maybe more more than all. Maybe not all. One can debate the finer details on financing but of that debate I have little interest.) The second, related reason was that Orwell had a deep suspicion and distaste for technology, a theme I will take up in a later post.

“We have a narrowbody engine that has a fan similar to the size of the GE9X.” It’s a narrowbody engine able to move the air the size of an engine on the 777. But there is no casing around it, so it’s not that much bigger in diameter than today’s LEAP, Hegeman said. If you combine it with a core that is the size of a business jet engine, moving the amount of air of a 9X engine but very efficiently with narrowbody level-type thrust. “That is what RISE is.”

And the Brewers are asking for a lot. The original stadium deal and 25 years of repairs and maintenance have cost taxpayers $1.56 billion to date, as Urban Milwaukee hasreported, and now the owners want another $290 million subsidy to be put aside (or $378 million with interest it is expected to earn), simply to guarantee they stay in Milwaukee for another 13 years. That would be the highest per-year subsidy in major league history as sports funding analyst Neil deMause has written.

Some former Apple employees who have worked on the headset have shared their own concerns about its design. For example, the headset’s external battery pack-an unusual design choice Apple made to reduce its weight and feeling of constriction around the head- can likely fit in a pocket or be clipped onto a belt, but how would it accommodate women wearing dresses?

We show that this hypothesis is consistent with the experiences of six historical societies: late imperial China, the nineteenth-century Ottoman Empire, the early United States, early modern England, the late medieval Italian city-states, and ancient Rome. We focus especially on the experience of late imperial China, which adopted a modern corporation statute but failed to see much growth in the use of the corporate form until the state developed the capacity and institutions necessary to uniformly enforce the new law. Our thesis complicates existing historical accounts of the rise of the corporation, which often emphasize the importance of economic factors over political and legal factors and view the state as a source of expropriation and threat rather than support. Our thesis has extensive implications for the way we understand corporations, private law, states, and the nature of modernity.

The Air Force’s Chief of AI Test and Operations said “it killed the operator because that person was keeping it from accomplishing its objective.”

Moscow-based security firm Kaspersky has been hit by an advanced cyberattack that used clickless exploits to infect the iPhones of several dozen employees with malware that collects microphone recordings, photos, geolocation, and other data, company officials said. “We are quite confident that Kaspersky was not the main target of this cyberattack,” Eugene Kaspersky, founder of the company, wrote in a post published on Thursday. “The coming days will bring more clarity and further details on the worldwide proliferation of the spyware.”

Our vision is a world where gardening is embraced as a way of life – a source of joy and fulfilment, building healthier lives, stronger communities, and thriving environments. To achieve this, our mission is to be there for everyone on their lifelong adventure with gardening.

Ashley Blewer is a video systems developer and archivist who’s troubled by the repercussions of the embargo: “We should be encouraging related or derivative works instead of trying to prevent them, and I don’t see how screenshots and discussion hinder the intellectual property of these platforms in any way.” In one of her blog posts from 2018, titled “Wild Wild Countryand the Magnetic Media Crisis,” Blewer mines the documentary series (which was then streaming on Netflix) for “egregious” visual errors and then annotates them with technical insights. Screenshots are Blewer’s visual compass for this kind of writing and without them, her work may suffer. “What am I gonna do now,” she asks, “act like this is a crime-investigation court case and make illustrations?”

Considering the centrality of sports to American culture, there are too few really good books about athletics. I blame the New York publishing houses, which push writers to do books praising specific players or coaches, not to analyze sports generally. New York publishing houses think sports fans can’t handle complicated thoughts. This is completely wrong – smart people are just as obsessed with athletics as anyone else! I hope Sports Literate helps show this.

Tesla Inc. and its battery partner are poised to receive about $1.8 billion in production tax credits this year under the Inflation Reduction Act, according to forecasts from researcher Benchmark Mineral Intelligence – a windfall that far exceeds an estimated $480 million haul for General Motors Co. and LG Energy Solution. Another rival, Ford Motor Co., won’t begin to reap any benefits from the law’s battery manufacturing credits until 2025.

After 40 years of research, Brazilian scientists and agronomists managed to develop wheat varieties that can be grown in hot and dry areas, typical of the tropical climate. Production has already started in the cerrado, in states such as Goiás and Minas Gerais, with good results. The expectation is to make Brazil self-sufficient in the production of wheat, the only agricultural commodity that the country needs to import.

If the initial subproject you choose to work on is a UI, then you can quickly see some results of course! For various reasons, I rarely start frontend first and usually start backend first. And in any situation, you’ll eventually get to the backend and reach a similar challenge.

Now look at where the two sides ended up: The Fiscal Responsibility Act is much closer to McCarthy’s original position than it is to Biden’s. It doesn’t hike taxes. It reduces spending. It contains measures the Left can’t stand. The public supports the deal by a two-to-one margin. Most Republicans and Democrats voted for it. The media, as usual, highlight McCarthy’s internal critics. They are a distraction. The press is so obsessed with Republican infighting that it overlooks the real story: Kevin McCarthy is shaping up to be the most effective House GOP leader in decades. Biden, the Democrats, and the liberal culture have been unable to transform him into a bogeyman. To the contrary: His net approval rating has risen by double digits since January. Biden’s numbers have dropped. Nor is McCarthy’s favorability the result of playing to the media crowd and appeasing the Left. The Fiscal Responsibility Act is the latest piece of significant center-right legislation that the House has passed this year.

Ireland Looking To Kill 200,000 Cows To Fight Climate Change; Are US Herds Next? In the latest effort to reduce emissions from agriculture, Ireland said it may kill 200,000 cows. Meanwhile, climate activists have American farms and ranches in the crosshairs.

Book­ing tick­ets on­line: Yes, you read that right. Bud­get air­lines bake an elec­tronic car­rier charge into the on­line ticket prices they dis­play. Fron­tier charges up to $23 per pas­sen­ger per flight seg­ment. Spir­it’s pas­sen­ger us­age charge is $23 per flight seg­ment, Al­le­giant’s $22. All are per flight seg­ment.

The increase in nomads has become a flashpoint in debates over the city’s housing problems. “[The presence of foreigners] primarily affects the economic livelihood of the regular person here,” said Arturo Mares, a clerk at a furniture store in the upscale Roma Norte neighborhood. “Costs are rising because these people are spending a lot of money here, since they think everything is cheap.” In November, people took to the streets of Mexico City to protest gentrification and rising rents.

The Lost Archive of Major Martin J. Manhoff is one of the great photographic discoveries of recent decades. The collection’s thousands of color slides and over two hours of film footage present a unique and captivating visual record of Stalin’s Soviet Union that has attracted millions of viewers around the world.  

Here’s where you need the pen and paper. The reason QR codes are masked in the first place is that sometimes particular combinations of data bytes produce QR codes with certain undesirable features (like big empty blocks in the middle). These undesirable features confuse the QR code reader, so the data is masked against a value in order to make the code easier to process when it’s scanned by a QR code reader. The computer then unmasks the original data bytes using the same process, and retrieves the data.

Bitcoin is, in our eyes, a load-balancing economic battery, and batteries are essential to the energy transition required to reach the targets of the Paris Agreement. Our ambition is to be a valuable partner in new renewable projects.

US residential home values have declined modestly since their 2022 peak, reflecting higher mortgage interest rates. But residential values have plunged in San Francisco, falling by about 16.7%, compared to a decline of just 3.3% in the rest of the country, a difference of about 13.4 percentage points. San Francisco’s housing stock was valued at nearly $2 trillion by real estate valuation firm Zillow before the price plunge. This additional 13.4 percentage-point drop means that San Franciscans have lost an extra $260 billion more in residential real estate value than it would have had it kept pace with the rest of the country. 

The evidence of dramatic, global human progress across a broad range of indicators (e.g., mortality, income, education, political liberties) in recent decades is well?established. Less known is that the gains have been widely shared rather than accruing mainly to a small elite.1 Globalization and market liberalization over the past few decades have not only raised absolute living standards but also reduced inequality by many meaningful measures.