ArtraLab is a new Hong Kong-based company and they just announced two new NONIKKOR full-frame lenses for Nikon Z, Sony E, and Leica L mount. The lenses have a classic/retro/vintage look, feel, and style based on an old Nikon/Nikkor lens design. One model is from the 1960s and the second is from the 1980s. The lenses are built with high-quality materials and advanced optics

Every year, the Fortnum & Mason Food and Drink Awards celebrate the best books across a range of food and cookery categories. Here British food writer Clare Finney, one of the judges for this year’s awards, talks us through the fabulous books that made the the 2023 shortlists—and shows how they are about much more than just delicious food.

Listen to this clip of editor-at-large Travis Okulski lapping the new Z06 during our Performance Car of the Year test. You get that smooth flat-plane V-8 sound, and both the dominant frequency—the fourth order—and the eight order are very present. As I explained in my column about helmholtz resonators, the tone of a sound is made up of more than one pitch. The volume of each of those pitches defines the quality of the sound, and it’s why a piano and a guitar playing the same note sound different, and why a C8 Z06 and an F355 spinning at 3000 rpm sound different too.

Neuroimage, the leading publication globally for brain-imaging research, is one of many journals that are now “open access” rather than sitting behind a subscription paywall. But its charges to authors reflect its prestige, and academics now pay over £2,700 for a research paper to be published. The former editors say this is “unethical” and bears no relation to the costs involved.

Callum admires the simplicity and minimalism of Tesla’s design and is by no means a technophobe. But he spent a lot of time fighting what he says was “a huge amount of pressure” to put most functions on to touchscreens, including heating, air conditioning, ventilation and more. “I resisted to the moment I retired.”

What if we look at Ukraine’s situation from a German, not an American, perspective? The German way of war focused on the operational level. Ukraine has a strong German heritage in its approach to war, reflecting the facts that Germany and Austria-Hungary gave Ukraine its independence during World War I and hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians fought alongside Germans to defend their country and people from Stalin in World War II. As best I can tell at this remove, Ukraine’s army has been fighting German-style maneuver warfare at the tactical level, which is one reason for its surprising successes. So, Kiev, who are you going to listen to, Milley or Manstein?

Our Latin American partners, for their part, are right to put their own self-interest over “great power competition,” but doing so does not mean merely embracing the suitor who offers those in power a big infrastructure project with side payments to the fortunately well-connected, or “royalty treatment” on a state visit. Nor does it mean betraying one’s own principles by keeping quiet about China’s crushing of Hong Kong democracy, mass incarceration of Uyghurs, or “without limits” friendship supporting a brutal invasion and depredation of a neighboring country, to avoid offending Beijing and jeopardizing receipt of its largesse.

Yes, slippery but hegemonic, the tarde reigns over it all, an amorphous concept that spans a chunk of the day so large that other languages need two words for it. The tarde resists control, and there is no social consensus on what it means. Spanish people themselves cannot agree when it begins or ends. “In that sense there’s a chaos in Spanish life,” says Fernando Vilches, a linguist at Rey Juan Carlos university. I think we can give my affliction a name: scheduling shock.

In total, 22 states borrowed money for unemployment insurance from the federal government. All but four, California, Colorado, Connecticut, and New York, have paid back their debts – with California owing the most by far at $18.6 billion as of May 2, followed by New York at $8 billion, Connecticut at $187 million and Colorado at $77 million, according to data from the US Treasury.

They assumed that clicks were their goal. What else is media about? They assumed that because their business model is built on selling advertising. And advertisers pay for clicks. Hence, their job was to deliver those clicks. There are a hundred reasons why this is stupid. First, there aren’t enough clicks in the universe to support this business model. Google has already swallowed most of them. It’s like Pac Man on steroids, gobbling them down as soon as they appear.

They are all items you can find in the collections at the American Institute of the History of Pharmacy (AIHP), an archival library located in the basement of Rennebohm Hall, which houses the School of Pharmacy at UW-Madison. The AIHP is a nonprofit organization devoted to advancing knowledge and understanding of pharmacy’s place in history.

The Willard family has lived and farmed in Still River since 1676; to say that they have built a community is both literally and figuratively true. According to Harasimowicz, the Willards have grown a loyal following, selling their produce only at the farm stand and using an honor system. “People appreciate the neighborly feel this service provides,” she writes. “You weigh your tomatoes, do the math, and leave the money—the big bills go in a slot in the safe—or you can make change in the wooden box with smaller bills. Sometimes people leave an IOU. I always round up. I think many people do.”

The study examined close to 50,000 non-earnings-related 8-K filings between 2005 and 2018, where the firm also issued a news release on the same day. It found that, alongside 8-K reports featuring negative news, managers tend to push out simpler, unrelated press releases to divert attention from the harder-to-read regulatory filings.

As a member of the senior leadership team, Abbott will lead a new integrated end-to-end software organization focused on the development of vehicle and enterprise software technologies and solutions, and delivery of digital services and features to retail and commercial customers. The newly created team will bring together three now distinct software functions within the company, including teams led by Scott Miller, vice president, Software Defined Vehicle and Operating System; Stacy Lynett, vice president, Information and Digital Technology; and Edward Kummer, chief digital officer, Digital Business.

Rather than fixate on these types of details, “Wonder Boy” opts to tell a psychological and personal tale of a young Asian American man who had all the talent and vision in the world, but found himself unsatisfied and increasingly dependent on booze and drugs. After making thirty-two million dollars from the sale of his first company, an online ad-sales platform called LinkExchange, Hsieh made good on a bet that he had made with his friends at college: if he became a millionaire within ten years of graduation, he owed them all a trip to the Caribbean. “While surrounded by friends in the Bahamas as a newly minted millionaire, Tony felt a sense of melancholy,” Au-Yeung and Jeans write. “What’s next? What is happiness? What am I working toward? he wondered.”

Here’s the thing with me: I find almost everything other than Jesus and the people I care about irrelevant at this point. Politics and politicians? Blech! World events? I watch them because they are related to Bible prophecy, but anything I might say about them has been said by more learned individuals. Homelessness, racial division, crime, etc.? You can read this newsletter to find out what I think. I’m saying this to ask: what would you like me to talk about? I hope and pray that whatever it is, I can do it justice.

A 46-year-old man was fatally shot on Monday afternoon in East Germantown while canvassing for the city’s upcoming mayoral primary, police said, in an incident that stemmed from a dispute with a 22-year-old man, who was also canvassing on behalf of OnePA, a progressive-leaning political group.

Jen Angel, owner and operator of Oakland bakery Angel Cakes, died on February 9 due to injuries sustained in a violent robbery. Angel was known not only as a maker of outstanding pies and treats, but also as a longtime organizer of the Anarchist Book Fair and a member of the Occupy Wall Street movement. The East Bay activist, writer, anarchist, and entrepreneur was declared to have lost all brain function by her medical team at Highland Hospital in Oakland on February 9. She was 48 years old.

I was among those targeted by the Iran Disinformation Project. In other words, my tax dollars were being used to fund trolls’ attacks against me. Most disturbing has been Twitter’s refusal to remove accounts which violate their rules, even when I (and other researchers) have spoon-fed them data.

“the number-one issue is a generation-long Democratic Party campaign against growth”. More regulations, more agencies, more rules, restrictions on energy use: these discourage growth. Some on the left – usually, those already with plenty of money of their own – shake fists against growth.

Mr. Rockwell’s team had previously planned to ship the device many times over the past few years, and delays have included coordinating the software to run properly with the hardware, said former employees and other people familiar with the matter.

Sen. Frank Church, the liberal Democrat from Idaho who chaired the committee, had come to believe that the future of American democracy was threatened by the rise of a permanent and largely unaccountable national security state, and he sensed that at the heart of that secret government was a lawless intelligence community. Church was convinced it had to be reined in to save the nation.

The plane’s bias is northwesterly, across an inky Arctic Sea, without the contracting longitudinal lines on the maps I have studied, all of which converge on the Pole. I am bound for Ellesmere Island, a vast orogeny still birthing after 300 million years, with an intermediary stop in the town of Resolute on Cornwallis Island under glaciated hills, the adjacent sea littered with ice shards. Distant cliffs levitate and then are gone, then back again, shimmering in the thermals.

Naomi Wolf has been relentless in calling out the left for their attacks on free association and free speech, in addition to their acquiescence to Big Pharma. Each of these people say that they have a moral obligation to call out their own tribe. Now to my own tribe: the libertarians. For three years, I’ve been reluctant to say anything about the elephant in the room, the near-complete failure of libertarians to stand up to the lockdown and mandate regime. It was a moment in history that was tailor-made for them. Everything in their training taught them to be suspicious of government power and relentless in the defense of liberty. Instead they mostly went silent. Worse, they became the Praetorian Guard of the lockdown Caesars, giving them cover when they deserved it least. The “radical” libertarians defaulted to a completely conventional careerism, even to the point of manufacturing rationales for terrible attacks on the most vulnerable.

Hong Kong and Singapore, once dirt-poor, have astonishing success stories to tell. Both are hubs for international finance, trade, transport and tourism. Both have attracted the brightest professional minds.