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“The current strategy on Venezuela hasn’t worked, so we have to try something else,” says Christopher Sabatini, a senior fellow at Chatham House who has been leading a project to promote dialogue on Venezuela’s political future. “The Guaidó government was a failure but it did provide a rallying point which no longer exists.”

There’s definitely a lot of things I wish I’d done differently. For instance, I wouldn’t encourage anyone to quit their job until they’ve made at least one dollar selling a product or service online. Alas, hindsight is 20/20 right? More than anything though, I’m so thankful I had the courage, and privilege, to take a swing at this.

Although paper handouts obviously have a pure white background, the web is better served by the use of slightly off-white and off-black colors. Tufte CSS uses #fffff8 and #111111 because they are nearly indistinguishable from their ‘pure’ cousins, but dial down the harsh contrast. We stick to the greyscale for text, reserving color for specific, careful use in figures and images.

Lessors said that historically if a lessor wanted to repurpose an FAA configuration to EASA metrics, it might be weeks and no more than 2-3 months for manuals and pin selection changes.  Today, the lessor is in a queue of perhaps six months to receive attention and then a quote of six months to complete the tasks.

The US was doing risky gain-of-function research on US soil until 2014, when the Obama administration banned it. Four months before the ban, Dr. Fauci offshored it to Wuhan, China through New York nonprofit, EcoHealth Alliance. After Sars-CoV-2 broke out down the street from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, Fauci engaged in a massive campaign to deny the possibility of a lab-leak from the lab he funded, and instead pin the blame on a yet-to-be discovered zoonotic intermediary species.

Ok, so all together, the idea of this app is to help the user, differently, at the three stages of presenting — help her craft the narrative, help her build a presentation based on that narrative, and then help her present in a way that gives the presenter confidence as she presents. If done perfectly, it would invite us to allow the speaker to present as if she were reading a presentation again, but with case and ease, but complement that reading with images and text that frames what’s being said in a way that reinforces what is being said.

In January of this year, the Government Accountability Office faulted the FAA for lacking a comprehensive strategy for drone integration, which has hindered all but the simplest line-of-sight operations.

As in, it will inevitably have to be “dumbed-down” in order for it to have the greatest effect across a broad spectrum of people.