That father advised his son that they shouldn’t offer above asking, not because he had toured the home and uncovered a flaw but because he had fixated on a detail he saw online: The house was 18 feet wide. The father believed it was priced as if it were 20. They insisted on putting in an offer at $1.6M, or $50,000 below the asking price of $1.65M. The house ultimately sold for $150,000 over asking — to someone else. “It would have been very nice if they’d listened,” Harris said, not only because his client regrets losing that townhouse but because, more than a year later, Harris, an agent with Coldwell Banker Warburg, is still taking the same client to showings. “I can’t get that time back.”

And if you’re interested in the operational cost of running this setup it is like 60$ for the RaspberryPi (one time cost) + electricity (less than 1$ a month) + 10$ a year for domain (which I needed anyway). So not more than like 2$ a month if you already have internet in your home.

But, even more crucially for the VCs who’ve plunged more than $5bn into the sector globally since 2017 — they’re asking whether the business model works at all.

“We are taking this preventative step to ensure the health, safety, and confidence of residents,” said Mayor Aftab. “Our entire community has East Palestine in our thoughts, and in coordination with the Ohio EPA and the Sanitation Commission, we will continue to support the best recovery possible. I am proud of the swift action of Water Works and City Manager Long in stepping up to protect our families.”

Once you become an engineering executive, an invisible timer starts ticking in the background. Tick tick tick. At some point that timer will go off, at which point someone will rush up to you demanding an engineering strategy. It won’t be clear what they mean, but they will want it, really, really badly. If we just had an engineering strategy, their eyes will implore you, things would be okay. For a long time, those imploring eyes haunted me, because I simply didn’t know what to give them: what is an engineering strategy?

An international team of scientists has shown that the blood pressure-lowering effect of exercise is significantly reduced when people rinse their mouths with antibacterial mouthwash, rather than water — showing the importance of oral bacteria in cardiovascular health.

The Finnish data protection authority (Data Protection Ombudsman) ruled against the use of Google Analytics by four libraries in the Helsinki metropolitan area. You might have heard this one already, because authorities in Austria, France, Italy, and Denmark also found that the use of Google Analytics is not compatible with the GDPR.

Left unmentioned in the brief was that the parties behind it had direct financial ties to Google. The group that funded the brief, a nonprofit advocate for startups called Engine, is funded in part by Google. And at least one of the content creators who signed on to the amicus brief has said that employees from YouTube, a Google subsidiary, invited them to sign onto the brief. In addition, the firm representing the creators and Authors Alliance — Keker, Van Nest & Peters — represents Google in other litigation.

Guys who think they are the next Jame O’Keefe get in via promising donors, they take over the board, and James is gone. What’s the lesson for Talent? Work with money men. The ones who don’t really care about what you do nor understand it. If they are boring, even better. Then be Talent. Create value. Let the Suits capture it. Win-win.

The conclusion of a leading Beltway pundit that the Biden administration offered its outstretched hand to Beijing in Munich, only to have it “slapped away,” seems difficult to refute.

In any event, the more I learned about Estonia and their history, the more they became one of my go-to countries. When I saw their MOD earlier this month published Russia’s War in Ukraine: Myths and Lessons, I knew it had to be good.

and also included a “fat finger error” that overstated the price at which he sold it.

“I didn’t have, like, a Grant Thornton or somebody audit my personal books.”

As Gen Z is the most online of any age group — spending up to six hours a day on their smartphones — the iPhone’s dominance is shaping the social circles of young Americans, according to researchers who advise companies on the preference of Gen Z consumers.

We must do everything possible to avoid an enormously destructive war in Ukraine | Bernie Sanders February 2022

All in all, the adjustments increase launch revenue by $130M and Starlink revenue by $890M, driven by the outperformance of the subscriber numbers and a reallocation to the higher-priced Starlink Business subscriptions. In addition, our adjustments introduced $325M in revenue recognition from NASA lunar landing and Space Force next-gen constellation programs. All in, Payload has adjusted its 2022 SpaceX revenue estimate from $3.25B to $4.6B. 

It’s been more than a year since Dr. Greg Schulz was suspended from Concordia University Wisconsin for publicly objecting to its board of regents inserting racial prejudices into its criteria for a new president. Interim president Dr. William Cario suspended the tenured philosophy professor on Saturday, Feb. 19, 2022, immediately banning Schulz from campus and his university email, according to legal documentation.

“The most difficult thing is personnel management. Americans are the worst at this, because Americans are the most difficult to manage.”

Create daily. You don’t have to publish daily, but creation is the habit that makes everything else possible.

Cracking the technical debt conundrum requires us to challenge conventional management thinking in two critical ways: The first is realizing that technical debt is not a problem to be solved but rather one to be managed. The second is seeing technical debt as a way to achieve strategic competitive advantage rather than as a burden.

In the first post, I covered 16 important lessons which helped us to not only grow the business and increase ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue), but also how we did it without any outside investments. We got traction in an industry which is dominated by billion dollar companies.

It’s possible that one day, when physical land is abundant too, Balaji’s vision will come to pass. But for now, The Network State is an exemplary salvo in a debate playing out in tech today over which type of world we want to live in: A world of Atoms, or of Bits?

There’s been some talk online about whether we are post peak wokeness. I will have more to say about this when I complete my analysis of several institutions language usage dynamics. For the time being, I provide a timely update of a chart I made in 2019 about prevalence of terms in New York Times news and opinion articles. This is the chart from 2019:

The Camera & Imaging Products Association presentation at the CP+2023 show indicated that average camera prices doubled in 3 years and increased 6 times in 10 years. Here is a recap of the presentation: