However, the act has been criticized for its ineffectiveness in preserving newspapers and protecting competition [4].

When electric utilities or electric rates are used to accomplish any public good, any cost increase falls disproportionately upon those with lesser incomes and resources. Power costs tend to function as a highly regressive tax, putting the burden on those who struggle the most and having the least impact on the wealthy. As a practicing engineer I often worried what impact our projects would have on the less fortunate. Now I fear that poor struggling grandmothers will end up paying for the “green” dreams of the financially well off.

I spent Martin Luther King Jr. Day in Washington, D.C. My white friend who earns $200,000 in total compensation as a government worker was enjoying a holiday while the Black service/retail industry workers who get $15/hr had to come in for their regular shifts. Over a leisurely holiday lunch, she explained the current structure of a typical federal agency. “Nobody has to come in,” she said, “and most of the people who work for me haven’t come into the office for months. I go in two or three days a week just to get out of the house, but it is not required.” Why wouldn’t the young people she manages want to come in and get out of their crummy apartments? “A junior programmer wouldn’t get paid more than $90,000 per year, so he couldn’t afford to the live in the city anyway. One guy lives out in Gaithersburg with his brother and it is too much effort to come in. The rest of the Millennials aren’t interested even if they do live, with parental support, reasonably close to our office.”

Someone, usually the general counsel, looks so pained that he or she appears to have just been Tasered. One or two eschew smiles altogether: in this context they are the hostage-takers.

While the AirPods Pro earbuds aren’t certified hearing aids, I am definitely hearing much better. Over the course of five hours one night, for example, I heard every word in a conversation with my wife and son. That never happens. And I watched television with my son with the soundbar volume set lower than my wife usually has it at. That was game changing, with all dialogue sounding crisp and loud enough.

Scarlett Doumato collected the half-eaten cookie and munched-on carrots she’d left out for Saint Nick and his reindeer and submitted them for DNA tests

The relocation of Diversey Inc. to manufacturing facilities Northern Kentucky eliminated between 65 and 100 jobs in the Watertown area, while the company’s headquarters remain in Watertown.

For the last few decades, smartphones have been gradually eating into the dedicated camera market. Most people only benefit from very basic photographic functionality (taking some baby pictures, making a copy of a receipt, etc.). There’s basically zero market for “casual” dedicated cameras anymore; basically anyone who has a dedicated camera today is relatively serious about it, either because they’re using their camera in a professional capacity or pushing the limits of the camera beyond what cell phone cameras can handle.

The labor market may have been much weaker than the government let on in 2022. While the Bureau of Labor Statistics initially reported the U.S. economy added 1.2 million jobs last spring, a new report shows the private sector had a net loss of 287,000 jobs during the same time period, a difference of nearly 1.5 million.

This article was amended on 30 January 2023. An earlier version said that new solar is about a quarter cheaper than the cost for coal plants. At $24 and $36 respectively for each megawatt hour, new solar is about a third cheaper, not a quarter.

The first 747 entered commercial service on January 21 1970 on Pan Am’s New York-to-London route. It entered popular lore, too. The US Postal Service printed it on a stamp. Mitchell sang of “dreams of 747s over geometric farms” in the ballad “Amelia”, and a quarter of a century later, novelist JG Ballard compared it to the Parthenon, writing that each gave shape to “mathematics, aesthetics and an entire geopolitical worldview”.

A U.S. judge on Monday said the names of two people who helped guarantee bail for indicted FTX cryptocurrency exchange founder Sam Bankman-Fried should be made public, but put his ruling on hold pending an expected appeal.

Condit recounted how legendary Pan American Airlines CEO Juan Tripp and Boeing CEO Bill Allen came to terms on the 747’s launch order: “Juan Trip said to Bill Allen, ‘If you build it, I’ll buy it.’ And Bill Allen said ‘If you buy it, I’ll build it.’” That “handshake by giants” started an airplane program that literally changed the world, Condit said.

Looking down on the canyon where we’d moored, I saw a clear stream flowing along its bottom, slicing through the Dominy Formation and pushing out the mess, flood by flood. Geomorphologists have been surprised by the speed at which the hard muck departs. I asked Johnson what she thought of the speed, and she said, “Drastic. It’s changing so fast.” Recently, she and her colleagues went to Dark Canyon, a tributary of Glen Canyon, to document depositional patterns in its reservoir sediment, which was more than 25 feet thick in places. When they arrived, they found that the entire layer had been scoured out by a flash flood. In days or weeks, tons of sediment can be carried off to the lower reaches of the reservoir, mud compounding mud. The problem simply relocates — and accumulates.

My understanding, from these conversations, is that it is still possible in Disneyland (not World) to evade because they rely on the app and credit card swipes to generate single user ID’s, not on a wristband which is subject to infrared detection throughout the parks in Florida.

Most of the largest venture funded technology companies all have exactly the same marketing plan to get big. Embrace, Extend, and Extinguish.

A business trip required the use of an unfamiliar travel platform, which required time and effort to learn. I scanned my own lunch items into a kiosk at the airport, which asked me if I wanted to leave a tip (to myself?). When the flight was delayed, I sat in a coffee shop where orders had to be placed via an iPad. After 30 minutes of waiting for a latte, I looked around for help but couldn’t find a human being to complain to (the guy next to me claimed to have been waiting 40 minutes). I eventually boarded without coffee or a refund.

Right away, we can see several things, before we do any calculations or conversions. First, there are not very many 0s after that B! In fact, there is just one zero. It’ll be a little while before that zero rolls over to 1, because the next digit after the 0 is an 8. If we look at more recently assigned ASINs, such as for Jayne Ann Krentz’s forthcoming Lightning in a Mirror, that has already rolled over to a 9: B092V35KJF.

So why stop issuing real return bonds? The government may suspect that inflation will go up a lot more, and it will then have to pay more to bondholders. Non-indexed debt can be inflated away if the fiscal situation worsens. The cumulative 11-per-cent inflation since January, 2021, has inflated away 11 per cent of the debt already. Argentines have seen a lot more.

Mackay also recounts the story of a sailor who ate a merchant’s tulip bulb, thinking it was an onion. He rotted in jail.