Charlie Munger, the blunt and brilliant vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway Inc., isn’t big on small talk. My first encounter with him was in 2004 at the Sunday brunch Warren Buffett used to hold at Berkshire’s annual meeting. I was getting something at a buffet table, and Mr. Munger walked up and began ladling food onto his plate. I introduced myself and held out my hand: “I’m the guy who just revised the Graham book.”

Now that I work at a satellite imagery company, I’ve become acutely aware of the long sequence of hurdles every satellite image must navigate to arrive safely before your eyes. The more I’ve learned about these hurdles, the greater my sense of wonder has grown that people figured this stuff out in the 50s… Launch is hard. Manufacturing is hard. Getting stuff built and tested on Earth to work in a zero G, frigid, irradiated vacuum is hard. Summarily: space is hard.² Because of the challenge of space, there’s another key part of every mission that is criminally overlooked. It’s the very foundation of the modern space technology stack, the bedrock of the two-way communication between humans on Earth and assets in space known as the “ground segment” (“ground” for short).³ You could say…ground is hard ?.

ONE of the world’s most-loved hymns was first heard on this day 250 years ago. Amazing Grace was written by John Newton for a sermon he gave on New Year’s Day 1773 at the parish church of St Peter and St Paul in Buckinghamshire, where he was a curate.

But never have I seen the chaotic meltdown of an airline like that seen during the Christmas period of Southwest Airlines. On Boxing Day, the Luv airline canceled two-thirds of its flights. Its hubs in places like Baltimore and Chicago Midway were a sea of humanity and baggage. Southwest’s meltdown was simply unbelievable.

A decade ago, only a handful of launch companies existed in the US; United Launch Alliance was the big dog, with SpaceX starting to nip at its heels. Since then, however, a multiplicity of new launch startups have arrived in the United States, many of which developed their own rocket engines. As a result, we are now in the golden age of rocketry, with many different startups and approaches to pushing payloads into space.

Liu is repurposing the top electronics contract manufacturer into an electric vehicle powerhouse. Foxconn, formally known as Hon Hai Precision Industry, is gearing up to supply cars, and the chips and batteries that go into them, to global marques. It sees automakers entrusting the company with production in Indonesia, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, the United States and beyond. By 2025, Liu wants to take 5% of the global electric-vehicle market and generate annual revenue of T$1 trillion ($32.6 billion) – roughly 15% of Foxconn’s forecast 2022 top line, per analyst estimates from Refinitiv.

What does that mean in practice? For starters, a lot more oil trade will be done in renminbi. Xi announced that, over the next three to five years, China would not only dramatically increase imports from GCC countries, but work towards “all-dimensional energy co-operation”. This could potentially involve joint exploration and production in places such as the South China Sea, as well as investments in refineries, chemicals and plastics. Beijing’s hope is that all of it will be paid for in renminbi, on the Shanghai Petroleum and Natural Gas Exchange, as early as 2025.

Unlike Chouinard, however, Green said that his decision was because he “chose God.” He explained that his faith was the “true source” of his success, and giving away his company came down to his own struggle between considering himself an owner of his company, or a steward.

Back when I was consulting for a non-Japanese camera company early this century, one of the constant discussions we had was “how do we fix the user problem?” Not the engineering problem, but the user problem.

China is pausing massive investments aimed at buildinga chip industry to compete with the US, as a nationwide Covid resurgence strains the world’s No. 2 economy and Beijing’s finances. Top officials are discussing ways to move away from costly subsidies that have so far borne little fruit and encouraged both graft and American sanctions, people familiar with the matter said. While some continue to push for incentives of as much as 1 trillion yuan ($145 billion), other policymakers have lost their taste for an investment-led approach that’s not yielded the results anticipated, the people said.

With HSS’s new guidance, it’s critical to have BAAs signed for destinations that will handle PHI. Remember that some platforms like Facebook, Google, and Hubspot won’t even sign a BAA. Other tools charge extra for a signed BAA. To prevent inadvertently sharing PHI where you don’t have a BAA, you’ll need to invest in putting workflows in place.

In its pre-Covid prime, the total value of Chinese worldwide travel was roughly the size of Portugal’s gross domestic product, or just over a quarter of a trillion dollars. The number of Chinese who made trips outside the mainland in 2019 — some 155mn people — represented a population slightly larger than Russia’s. In that same year, Chinese overseas spending on luxury goods was larger than the current $90bn market capitalisation of General Electric.

Following a yearly habit: this is the eighth edition of the list of visualizations, charts, graphics, maps, data and satellite journalism and science photography lists, version 2022.

Stunning and adventurous, Roland’s 50th Anniversary Concept Piano combines sound, design, and connectivity into an instrument of the future.

Google had a confidential plan to turn the collection of slides into an immense archive that — with the help of the company’s burgeoning, and potentially profitable, AI business — could help create tools to aid the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and other diseases. And it would seek first, exclusive dibs to do so. “The chief concern,” Google’s liaison in the military warned the leaders of the repository, “is keeping this out of the press.”

As a startup, what are your must-have sections for a landing page?

The hotel would be built at the site where the American League was founded, an event memorialized by a plaque on a stone barrier on the southeast side of the property, according to members of the Society of American Baseball Research.

Duplicate registrations aren’t always some sinister voter fraud plot. They can happen when a person is registered under variations of their name. For example, John Smith is registered to vote under the name John Smith at the DMV and John J. Smith when they fill out a voter registration form at a fair. Another common example is a woman who is registered to vote under her maiden name and her married name.

After reading a Popular Science article on the concept in 2011, Caltech Board of Trustees lifetime member Donald Bren approached the school in hopes of making the science fiction idea a reality. The resultant Space Solar Power Project, co-funded by defense manufacturer Northrop Grumman alongside the Bren family’s $100 million endowment, saw its first major milestone completion yesterday via the SSPD arrival above Earth.

Goodwillfinds.com is an e-commerce site, which sells previously owned merchandise, which has been donated to Goodwill. We cover many of the tactical challenges (onboarding SKUs, product content, fulfillment, and curation), as well as the opportunities of this new “CircularCommerce” space. We also get some of Matt’s predictions about what’s coming next in digital commerce.

Let no one make this out to be a joke or idle talk; I am in dead earnest, since by the grace of God I have learned to know a great deal about Satan. If he can twist and pervert the Word of God and the Scriptures, what will he not be able to do with my or someone else’s words?

The panel, which was required by Congress under a 2020 law to reform how the FAA certifies new airplanes, includes MIT lecturer and aerospace engineer Javier de Luis whose sister was killed in a MAX crash, as well as experts from NASA, the FAA, labor unions, Airbus (AIR.PA), Southwest Airlines (LUV.N), American Airlines (AAL.O), United Airlines (UAL.O), GE Aviation (GE.N), FedEx Express (FDX.N) and Pratt & Whitney.

Then . . . nothing happened. No other media outlets pursued the story. Not the six local TV stations or WNYC, or Politico, New York, the Times, the Daily News. Not even Newsday, the formerly-august news source for Long Island. Grant Lally, the publisher and owner of the North Shore Leader, told me he didn’t get a single call from another publication inquiring about it. “If this had run 25 years ago, it would have been gobbled up,” he said. “There’d have been 20 follow ups from Newsday and other publications and the weeklies.”

Apollo believed in Carvana’s plan to sell cars online and thought that the 10.25 per cent annual coupon on offer in the overall $3bn bond issuance offered plenty of protection. The firm was also reassured by a study into Carvana’s business model it, along with other investors, had commissioned from Bain & Co in early 2022. Apollo, considered by many to be the canniest credit investor in the world, had been a longtime investor in the online car retailer’s debt.

The next blue bird might be a surprise peace in Ukraine, which instantly lowers energy and food costs. A thaw in the US-China cold war, which boosts global trade. A new digital technology that revives productivity, helping to contain inflation. None of this may seem likely, but then surprise is the essential nature of blue birds.

It was the Global East and South that were harmed the most by this fraud. And I will argue that the reason these countries let the fox in the hen house yet again was misplaced trust due to centuries of social conditioning, which has historically resulted in little “white” soy-boys like SBF being given an automatic seat at the proverbial table, no questions asked.

An unexpected ancient manufacturing strategy may hold the key to designing concrete that lasts for millennia.