He then publicizes his best scoops on social media — his aim is to produce one big story a week — which is then taken up by mainstream conservative media, not least Fox News, and then bleeds into the rest of the media. “I have the easiest job in the world,” Rufo said. “I just have to find their own information and show it to the world.”

Twitter employees panned for letter to Elon Musk demanding continued employment, ‘safety’

Diversity by diktat: An obscure 1977 OMB memo forms the basis for today’s affirmative-action programs

Last week, NBC reporter Dasha Burns had the temerity to observe the obvious: John Fetterman has trouble with chit chat. Here is what she said: “In small talk before the interview without captioning, it wasn’t clear that he was understanding our conversation.” She got crucified for it by any number of journalists with blue checks.

Mr. Trump questioned Mr. Bolton days later at a White House Christmas dinner, according to people familiar with the conversation. “Why did you arrest Meng?” the president said. “Don’t you know she’s the Ivanka Trump of China?”

I would like to see the U.S. increase its support for Ukraine. But I also want to see a vigorous debate on big U.S. foreign policy questions. Ukraine falls into that basket. I am not a progressive on foreign policy, but I bet I could feign one for a few paragraphs. Therefore, in the interest of promoting debate, here’s the letter I would have drafted if I was trying to promote the progressive worldview:

Despite ballooning funding, I haven’t experienced any significant upgrades to the Epic or Cerner EMR systems in the last 8 years. I find the interfaces to be comically inelegant. I’m frequently staring at screens with over 30 tabs, and when I click one, the system stutters and lags before showing a result. This flawed user experience slows providers down drastically. In one study of a North Carolina orthopedic clinic, the adoption of Epic’s EMR increased physician documentation time by 230% and increased labor costs per visit by 25%. Family medicine physicians have it worse: many spend a whopping 6 hours a day on the EMR. Nurses often spend more time charting in the EMR than on any other task. Multiply this out by the whole healthcare system and the idea that an extra MRI here and there is driving our cost crisis seems laughable. Every day, expensive physician and nursing labor is squandered through unnecessary clicking and scrolling.

Eyetracking Study of Web Readers

By Election Day, by one estimate, Wisconsinites will have endured some $344-million worth of political advertising, much of which seeks to paint the top candidates on either side as “too extreme” for the state. Voters are set to determine whether abortion will remain illegal, how voting will work in their state, who gets to certify the results of the 2024 presidential election, and possibly which party controls the U.S. Senate. Sauk County offers a glimpse into the split mind of Wisconsin on all of these issues, in a state where many people seem sick of politics, but the politics only seem to get worse, because tiny margins can have big results, and each party sees the stakes as existential.

N8 Ag (Nate Silver) of 538 gives Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul a 97% chance of re-election. That makes sense. ‘Tis a Democrat state south of the thruway and in many parts north. Real Clear Politics moved the race to a tossup two weeks ago.

A Post reporter drove more than 400 miles along the drought-stricken Mississippi River. Here’s what he found.