That shift is part of a larger trend where travelers are increasingly blurring of the lines between leisure and business trips, Raja said. Revenues from these so-called “blended trips” — also known as the great merging — have doubled since before the pandemic to nearly half of American’s take, and are powering the “real revenue growth”at the carrier.

The fire started at 1:30 a.m. today in one Tesla Megapack at PG&E’s Elkhorn Battery Storage facility that’s near the Moss Landing Power Plant, the utility said in a statement. 

Starting in 2015, and for a period spanning five years, Morgan Stanley hired a moving and storage company multiple times to handle the decommissioning of old hard drives and servers. There were two problems with this decision. The first is that the company selected to handle the drives had “no experience or expertise in data destruction services,” according to the SEC. The second problem was that Morgan Stanley didn’t encrypt the data stored on these drives, and didn’t attempt to delete any of it before handing them over to the moving company.

“If I hear that any of you aren’t sharing information with each other, or you’re hiding information, you’re fired,” Dimon told the 15 or so executives who had gathered for the meeting in New York, according to two people with knowledge of the remarks.

But since the 2016 election cycle, they’ve represented an ever-greater share of politicians’ campaign haul. By the 2020 election cycle, retirees accounted for more than $1 in every $5, amounting to more than $378 million.

How much shale gas is there in the UK and what is the status of fracking?

As part of its takeover of Fitbit, Google will begin requiring customers to use Google accounts to manage their fitness-tracking devices, reigniting privacy concerns over the acquisition in 2019.

Where TikTok search really falls down is the most basic feature of Google: quick access to other stuff on the internet. The most popular searches on Google are words like “Facebook” and “Amazon,” and TikTok is precisely no help there unless what you actually wanted is an endless supply of videos showing weird junkpeople bought on Amazon. 

We were able to show that with less home charging and more daytime charging, the Western U.S. would need less generating capacity and storage, and it would not waste as much solar and wind power,” said Powell, mechanical engineering PhD ’22.

Aerospace analysts say few other engine manufacturers could take on the Overture project. “Nobody else can do an engine in this class, realistically, although Honeywell and Safran aren’t inconceivable,” says Richard Aboulafia with AeroDynamic Advisory.

A history of ARM, part 1: Building the first chip

The Pres­i­dent would have to des­ig­nate 25 en­ergy projects of strate­gic na­tional im­por­tance, but only five must be for fos­sil fu­els or bio­fu­els such as ethanol. Fed­eral agen­cies would be di­rected to try to com­plete en­vi­ron­men­tal re­views on these projects within two years, but noth­ing com­pels agen­cies to meet these dead­lines. Projects the Pres­i­dent doesn’t fa­vor could lan­guish in reg­u­la­tory pur­ga­tory.