During the first half of 2022, Israel received 832 mentions in New York Times reports, while other Middle Eastern nations received far less attention: Turkey was mentioned 619 times, Iran received 518 mentions, and Syria appeared 498 times.

We love electric biking. Three years ago, we set out to make autonomous, self-delivering bicycles so that more people would try ebiking. Since then, ebikes have exploded in popularity. Now, we’re releasing an ebike with the best riding experience we have ever had. We invite you to experience the same.

This conflict is existential for most modern Western elites, who are failing and losing the trust of their populations. To divert attention they need an enemy. But most Western countries, not their presently ruling elites, will perfectly survive and thrive even when this liberal globalist imperialism imposed since late 1980s will vanish.

But the scale of America is incredibly well suited to the potential gifts of the automobile. There is a necessary mixing between cities and states and regions that can happen by car and never by any scheme for high-speed railroads, let alone the hapless and costly versions on offer from our existing transportation bureaucracy. The virtues involved in being a good driver — the mix of independence and cooperation, knowledge and responsibility — really are virtues well suited to citizenship in a sprawling and diverse republic. And if driving makes some people distinctly anxious, learning to do it well, or just well enough, is also a tonic for anxiety, an easily available antidote to the sense that the world is pure chaos, beyond anyone’s control.

Fast forward to last week. As January 6th hearings, a presidential fist-bump, and a Kardashian spawn’s gender reveal gobbled attention, the House quietly passed a monster $839 billion defense package. It was “the definition of a bipartisan bill,” chirped Alabama’s Mike Rogers, as 180 Democrats and 149 Republicans joined to smash by tens of billions previous records for military spending. With this already underreported story, just one news outlet, Roll Call, described a “first of its kind” report published by the Department of Defense Comptroller’s office, which revealed at least $58 billion of “congressional additions” above Joe Biden’s budget request.

Taken together, state law is explicit that clerks have only two options when they receive a ballot with missing address information. Clerks may return the defective ballot to the voter to be cured and then count the ballot if it is returned in a timely manner, or not count the ballot. But in recent years, WEC interpreted state law to mean if the address is not contained on the envelope that clerks may add the missing information to the ballot envelope if they are reasonably able to discern it and then count the ballot. The Legislative Audit Bureau’s position, as documented in an October 2021 report on election administration, is that WEC must promulgate a rule on ballot curing if it intends to interpret the statute to allow for corrective action by clerks. But the language of the statute does not permit the clerk to take any “corrective actions” whatsoever. Instead, it directs the clerk not to count the ballot if the address of the witness is missing or return it to the elector to correct the information.

At a wedding, Xie usually pretends to be the bride’s best friend or a classmate. The couple generally cover the travel and accommodation costs. A typical daily rate is between 500 and 2,000 yuan ($74-$296).

When traveling by train, though, the atmosphere is completely different. There was a sense of community aboard the California Zephyr. After all, there aren’t many places where Mennonites, a Japanese student, smiley newlyweds, parents with their kids and grandkids in tow and retirees are all bundled together for such a long period of time, sharing their life stories.

Instagram, TikTok and YouTube teenagers’ top three news sources

The question is how the thieves got into the truck and whether they knew in advance about the valuables inside. Given the less than half an hour window, he said, “we believe several thieves had to be involved.”

California went big on rooftop solar. Now that’s a problem for landfills