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FT US staff seeks union.

It increased revenue for the state that was placed in the cash fund that then disbursed funds to hospitals to supplement their Medicaid reimbursements, rather than directly pay for actual services rendered.

Question 15 asks, “How can Congress work to bolster Americans’ confidence in public health institutions,” particularly in light of “historical wrongs” and “skepticism of more recent public health measures”?

This is an independent DIY search engine that focuses on non-commercial content, and attempts to show you sites you perhaps weren’t aware of in favor of the sort of sites you probably already knew existed. The software for this search engine is all custom-built, and all crawling and indexing is done in-house.

BlackBerry sells mobile patents to patent troll for $600M

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Why do you need the ability to explain an idea? Here’s a secret: many people in our industry aren’t idea-literate.

A thesis: most websites are implicitly designed with a short lifetime

I have to emphasize this, you couldn’t order a pizza in the vast majority of Italian restaurants in America prior to 1945. And the reason you couldn’t order a pizza in Italian restaurants is because pizza isn’t Italian.

Winners of the 8th International Landscape Photographer of the Year competition

And they have the credibility to turn the entire organization, in particular, to impose short-term costs for long-term benefit to cannibalize or disrupt, in the colloquial sense, an existing product for a new one. … The state’s solution to the financial crisis was to stop issuing commercial bank charters for almost a decade and to reward failure by regulating away competition via Dodd-Frank. …. And I think the continental scale of it, which again was accidental by acquisition of territories peacefully and not peacefully, but generally Europe was stuck in a centuries old grid of monarchies, feudalism and all the other baggage they had carried. It just wasn’t able to have a frontier mentality. I sometimes think that that conquest of land, that the open horizons is reflected in the dynamism and the ability to invent that followed. And so block explorers like Blockchain.com or btc.com, that are indexes of the Bitcoin blockchain, or Etherscan.io [which] indexes the Ethereum blockchain. Those don’t look like search engines to people, really, because the data structures they were indexing were things that weren’t really things you thought of as being on Google.

Still, just 0.5% of Americans commuted on bikes in 2019, reports National Geographic.

  • Compare that with the Netherlands, where 27% of the country commutes by bike.
  • The difference is infrastructure. Per a recent National Geographic survey, 70% of people in the U.S.’s 50 biggest metro areas say they’re interested in biking, but half of them say they’re too afraid to bike in the street.