That shift is part of a larger trend where travelers are increasingly blurring of the lines between leisure and business trips, Raja said. Revenues from these so-called “blended trips” — also known as the great merging — have doubled since before the pandemic to nearly half of American’s take, and are powering the “real revenue growth”at the carrier.

The fire started at 1:30 a.m. today in one Tesla Megapack at PG&E’s Elkhorn Battery Storage facility that’s near the Moss Landing Power Plant, the utility said in a statement. 

Starting in 2015, and for a period spanning five years, Morgan Stanley hired a moving and storage company multiple times to handle the decommissioning of old hard drives and servers. There were two problems with this decision. The first is that the company selected to handle the drives had “no experience or expertise in data destruction services,” according to the SEC. The second problem was that Morgan Stanley didn’t encrypt the data stored on these drives, and didn’t attempt to delete any of it before handing them over to the moving company.

“If I hear that any of you aren’t sharing information with each other, or you’re hiding information, you’re fired,” Dimon told the 15 or so executives who had gathered for the meeting in New York, according to two people with knowledge of the remarks.

But since the 2016 election cycle, they’ve represented an ever-greater share of politicians’ campaign haul. By the 2020 election cycle, retirees accounted for more than $1 in every $5, amounting to more than $378 million.

How much shale gas is there in the UK and what is the status of fracking?

As part of its takeover of Fitbit, Google will begin requiring customers to use Google accounts to manage their fitness-tracking devices, reigniting privacy concerns over the acquisition in 2019.

Where TikTok search really falls down is the most basic feature of Google: quick access to other stuff on the internet. The most popular searches on Google are words like “Facebook” and “Amazon,” and TikTok is precisely no help there unless what you actually wanted is an endless supply of videos showing weird junkpeople bought on Amazon. 

We were able to show that with less home charging and more daytime charging, the Western U.S. would need less generating capacity and storage, and it would not waste as much solar and wind power,” said Powell, mechanical engineering PhD ’22.

Aerospace analysts say few other engine manufacturers could take on the Overture project. “Nobody else can do an engine in this class, realistically, although Honeywell and Safran aren’t inconceivable,” says Richard Aboulafia with AeroDynamic Advisory.

A history of ARM, part 1: Building the first chip

The Pres­i­dent would have to des­ig­nate 25 en­ergy projects of strate­gic na­tional im­por­tance, but only five must be for fos­sil fu­els or bio­fu­els such as ethanol. Fed­eral agen­cies would be di­rected to try to com­plete en­vi­ron­men­tal re­views on these projects within two years, but noth­ing com­pels agen­cies to meet these dead­lines. Projects the Pres­i­dent doesn’t fa­vor could lan­guish in reg­u­la­tory pur­ga­tory.


Why are we here today? It was the entrepreneurial spirit of our forefathers,” Philip Jones said. “They were very, very creative in how they approached the expansion of the business.”

Another employee, who was hired in April 2020 for an in-person job but has worked exclusively remotely because of the pandemic, said she moved during the pandemic, buying a much larger house in a different part of the Madison area so that she and her husband could both work from home. Her daughter, who didn’t get into her school’s afterschool program, is old enough to entertain herself when she comes home mid-afternoon two days a week but too young to be in the house alone.

The numbers tell a different story from what the headlines suggest. In fact, when it comes to electronics and machinery, the Asian supply chain remains little changed. While there has been some diversification from China, this “shift” is actually less than meets the eye.

“The university has a strong interest in maintaining public trust; this interest is not served by permitting UW physicians to leverage their university positions for personal gain in the manner proposed,” Golden wrote to Zdeblick on June 24, according to letters the Wisconsin State Journal received last week in an open records request.

“We were closed for almost a year due to COVID capacity restrictions, and carryout business never took off for us leading up to that closure,” she wrote. “When we reopened, we faced staffing challenges, and customer counts didn’t bounce back like we had hoped they would.” + This, in concert with two years of pandemic limitations, has forced us to make this hard but prudent decision.”

That meant that individual churches had to give Catholics a reason to attend mass in the neighborhood rather than somewhere else. For example, Cajka notes, the Church of the Gesu in downtown Milwaukee was built in 1894 to serve Irish Catholics. But by the 1940s, attendance was down and local Catholic authorities noted that “the better” parishioners had left, leaving the church largely serving the poor. In response, Gesu reached out to Catholic converts across the city. Thanks partly to its location just off an interstate highway, many of people from other districts began attending services at Gesu. To improve worshippers’ experience, the church upgraded its physical structure, improved lighting, and installed air conditioning in the 1950s. Gesu pastor Father Cahill described the church as a “spiritual oasis in the heart of the metropolis.”

“The total proceeds of 1.07 billion euros generated for the WSF from the sale of its stake significantly exceed the 306 million euros invested to acquire it by 760 million euros,” said Jutta Doenges, who is responsible for the WSF as managing director of the finance agency. With this outcome, “the participation of the WSF ends and the company is back in private hands,” she said.

Was it worth it? I rather think not. Then again, heavy-handed stifling of dissent never is, and the sooner the authorities wise up to that one, the better for everyone in our democracy. At the moment, shows of strength simply look like signs of weakness.

The sale comes as privacy group Citizen Lab alleges authorities have collected DNA from up to a third of the Tibetan population.

The Times was told that the refugees arrived via Texas, but the situation has been fluid and there has been a lot of confusion surrounding today’s events. The Times was told it was a “company” that organized the flights providing individuals with some cell phone numbers before departing. Migrants used translation apps on those phones getting off the plane.

The second phase will see an accessible half-mile meandering path cut through the woods in the park. The tree survey allows the path to be cut without harming healthy trees. A challenge course designed for people of all abilities, with obstacles of varying difficulty, will be constructed during this phase, as well.

The deal is structured in ways that also bring the billionaire other perks, by letting him and his family keep control of Patagonia while shielding them from tax bills that could have totaled hundreds of millions of dollars. By donating most of the company, which is valued at $3 billion according to the New York Times, Chouinard is at the fore of a small-but-growing movement among the ultra-wealthy to use nonprofits to exert political influence long past their lifetimes.

But a wave of high end e-bike companies are ramping up in the American market offering bikes between $1500 to $4000 to appeal to a more style-minded segment of riders, and shake the image of them as a delivery vehicle.


Poop and pee fueled the huge algae bloom in San Francisco Bay. Fixing the problem could cost $14 billion

Canadians less satisfied in their access to health care than Americans: poll

I stated it first back in 2007: the coming erosion of the market by smartphones was going to narrow and narrow and narrow the opportunities for the camera makers. That’s happened only a wee bit faster than I anticipated, but it’s ongoing and relentless.

The 2020 Bailouts Left Airlines, the Economy, and the Federal Budget in Worse Shape Than Before

The index published in Economic Freedom of the World measures the degree to which the policies and institutions of countries are supportive of economic freedom. The cornerstones of economic freedom are personal choice, voluntary exchange, freedom to enter markets and compete, and security of the person and privately owned property. Forty-two data points are used to construct a summary index, along with a Gender Legal Rights Adjustment to measure the extent to which women have the same level of economic freedom as men. The degree of economic freedom is measured in five broad areas.

The bird photographer of the yearwinners for 2022 have been unveiled. An image of a rock ptarmigan in winter plumage taking flight above the snow-covered mountains of Tysfjord, Norway, has taken the grand prize in the world’s largest bird photography competition, which saw more than 20,000 entries from all over the world


A Nasa official estimated that SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket cost less than $400mn to develop, and that Nasa would have spent 10 times that to build the rocket under a cost-plus system.

Before the industrial revolution, there had been a significant increase in machinery use in Europe. Why not in China?

The Mondragon Corporation, as it’s known, is a voluntary association of ninety-five autonomous coöperatives that differs radically from a conventional company. Each co-op’s highest-paid executive makes at most six times the salary of its lowest-paid employee. There are no outside shareholders; instead, after a temporary contract, new workers who have proved themselves may become member-owners of their co-ops. A managing director acts as a kind of C.E.O. within each co-op, but the members themselves vote on many vital decisions about strategy, salaries, and policy, and the votes of all members, whether they are senior management or blue-collar, count equally.

Rather that asking someone what party they are in or who they are voting for, we should ask them what the most important things are for them this election season. It may not be scientific, but it offers a glimpse into the context and complexities that go into their decision. And it tells us more about how people are actually feeling than the raw numbers do.

It seems that Canon is actively preventing 3rd parties from releasing mirrorless lenses for RF mount – take a look at this conversation between a customer and the Chinese lens manufacturer Viltrox:

Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal and a vocal proponent of young founders, has railed against what he sees as an increasingly old population less willing to shoulder the risk necessary to change the world. He accuses a “finance gerontocracy” of standing in the way of what he considers the revolutionary youth movement of cryptocurrency.

The Hacker News website hasn’t been redone in some bloated, unnecessary Javascript framework like so many other websites today. It loads fast and gets the job done. They nailed the intuitive-ness and the simplicity on the website. I don’t think it should, or will ever change.

The St. Lawrence Seaway transported 514,000 tonnes of grain out of the Great Lakes between March 22 to the end of July this year. This represents a 37% increase from the same period last year.

The photographs and video footage that were taken using the DJI Mavic 3 are simply breathtaking. The almost three-minute video presents us with some of the most stunning views of Mount Everest and several peaks in its immediate vicinity.

Natural gas prices are 10 times the usual—upending industries, angering consumers, and panicking politicians.

The US Open is the only major where men and women use different balls and, in the build-up to this year’s tournament, a number of players have echoed Swiatek’s comments.

US officials have told Nvidia to stop selling to Chinese companies two of its chips designed for artificial intelligence work, the company said in a filing on Wednesday. The government is imposing a licence requirement on any products containing its A100 and forthcoming H100 integrated circuits used in the machine learning processes that enhance AI systems.

“Do those federal tax credits tip the scale? Absolutely. There’s going to be all kinds of industries that pop up to chase those tax credits and those dollars,” he said. “But if you ask me do I think we need those tax credits, no I don’t.”

Actually I was surprised that the crash did not happen earlier. Normally crypto bubbles last around 6-9 months after surpassing the previous top, after which the rapid drop comes pretty quickly. This time, the bull market lasted nearly one and a half years. People seemed to adjust into the mentality that the higher prices are a new normal. The whole time, I knew that eventually the bull market will end and we’re going to get the drop, but I just did not know when. Today, it feels like people are reading too much into what is ultimately cyclical dynamics that crypto has always had and probably will continue to have for a long time. When the prices are rising, lots of people say that it’s the new paradigm and the future, and when prices are falling people say that it’s doomed and fundamentally flawed. The reality is always a more complicated picture somewhere between the two extremes.

Originally, my grandfather Saleh owned three knives. They had come from my father’s father—who’d inherited them from his own father. I didn’t know exactly how many generations back they extended—but it was enough to have spiraled into history. Though my father’s family now lived in the city, if you looked over their shoulders, you’d see a long line of sheikhs, poets, and Bedouins. Each generation had their trusted tools, secret paths, and shared stories.