“Your education is not yet complete” LAX – DFW edition

The DC-10, depending on weather, consumed perhaps 150 minutes flying east to the “Metroplex” from Los Angeles.

Plenty of time to chat.

I was somehow upgraded and had a rather enjoyable chat with a repeat entrepreneur.

We discussed startups (his latest deal), people skills and evaluating markets. After awhile, he asked if I had read “Atlas Shrugged“. No, I replied.

“Your education is not yet complete”.


And, “Viva Las Vegas“.

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Data broker opt out list

Yael Grauer:

Disclaimers: Some of these opt-outs take a long time to go through. Sometimes, information is pulled from other sources and you’ll need to opt out multiple times for the same site. Data brokers come and go (and are bought out by others), and they also often change their opt-out pages. I try to update this ~every six months, but it’s not always current. Finally, even opting out of these sites doesn’t mean that your address is secure. In many states, real estate data and voter registration information is public (or easy to obtain). And, of course, location data can be found by physical means (e.g., following you home) and through other people who know it (i.e., social engineering). That said, removing your home address from data broker sites can significantly lower your attack surface and make it harder for people to find it.

Looking back, toward Summer 2020

It’s been interesting to observe license plate origins.

Lunch – outside – at the always good La Brioche.

Pancake pods at the Original Pancake House.

Queueing for excellent spring rolls on Library Mall – and chatting with several panhandlers.

Schlitz! – still, in Mondovi, WI. “The beer that made Milwaukee famous”. Dive into Schlitz, here.

Deeper: amuz

The state of the Media: 2020

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Media 2020 Commentary: AOC & Sandmann

Via Ben Evans.

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