“Travel as a Political Act”

Author and travel host Rick Steves recently gave a Madison lecture on “Travel as a Political Act”.

On visiting Iran: “I just think it is good practice to get to know people before we bomb them”.

“My mission is to inspire Americans to travel beyond Orlando”.

“People who don’t have passports are the most afraid”.

Steves ruminated on political borders and cultural “baggage”. I appreciated his words on loving one’s neighbors.

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Christmas Cards: The Shutterfly Experience

The offer:

The Experience

We selected a card, saw the “add photos” and dragged them to no avail:

We learned that one must tap/click on the add photos icon:

Where, one must continue to navigate web pages:

The uploaded images appear on the bottom, but are not yet “imported”:

One must tap “Add” on the lower right:

The photos appear below the card, where additional steps remain:

And, finally, the photos are in place:

iPad app

We began the experience on the iPad app, which required fewer steps, but (!)

The Shutterfly app displayed photo folders randomly, which made finding images an impossible task (I have > 50K).

Further, the Shutterfly app seemed to not recognize photos recently added to the Photos app. Yesterday’s images always appeared first.

I sense that different groups built different functions and that Shutterfly, after all these years, lacks a cohesive product experience manager. This is rather surprising as another Christmas fast approaches.

Merry Christmas and Happy Thanksgiving!

Taxpayer Facilities and Political Data Mining

“I consent to receive recurring automated text messages from MobilizeAmerica and Democratic Party of Wisconsin. Message and data rates may apply. Text STOP to cancel.”

Should political events held at publicly financed facilities collect, use, aggregate and mine participant data?

I’ve pondered this while observing Madison political events. Participation often requires disclosure of some personal information, typically email and/or phone numbers.

Political organizations may then use this information for many purposes.

A few links to ponder: The Obama 2008 / 2012 campaigns and Facebook.

Facebook and Cambridge Analytica.