Digging Graves at AMC Theatres

I don’t go to movies often.

However, my dear family suggested that we see “The Big Sick“.

The movie was delightful, but the AMC experience, not great.

We viewed the film at Madison’s former Sundance Cinemas, now AMC “Dine-in”.

$45 for three of us, yet AMC subjected us to twenty (20!) minutes of previews. Four of the six were terrible, version 2 and 3 of why bother films. The last two, somewhat of an improvement, but after paying $15 each, the length of in your face advertising was beyond the pale.

All that said, I’m not terribly optimistic that the theatre world will abandon their invasive practices.

Reformation/500: Martin Luther’s Commentary on Genesis 1-4

Martin Luther (PDF):

With respect therefore to this opinion of Augustine, we conclude that Moses spoke literally and plainly and neither allegorically nor figuratively; that is, he means that the world with all creatures was created in six days as he himself expresses it. If we cannot attain unto a comprehension of the reason why it was so, let us still remain scholars and leave all the preceptorship to the Holy Spirit!

These days were distinguished thus. On the first day the unformed mass of heaven and earth was created to which light was then added. On the second day the firmament. On the third day the earth was produced out of the waters and its fruits created.

On the fourth day the heavens were adorned by the creation of the sun, moon and stars. On the fifth day the fishes of the sea and the fowls of the air. On the sixth day the beasts of the earth were created, and Man was made. I say nothing of the other views which divide these sacred matters into the work of creation, of distinction, and of ornation, because I do not think such divisions of the subject can be made to harmonize in all respects with each other. If any one admire such views let him consult Lyra.

Rod Dreher pens an interesting article on President Trump and Christians.