MBA’s Bad for Business?

The Economist:

But just as the market value of an MBA is reviving, its academic credibility is being attacked. In a forthcoming article to be published posthumously in Academy of Management Learning & Education, Sumantra Ghoshal argues that many of the ?worst excesses of recent management practices have their roots in a set of ideas that have emerged from business-school academics over the last 30 years.?

Google: Doing Evil to its users

Google, a company with a philosophy that includes: #6: “You can make money without doing evil”. is now, doing just that with:

  • AutoLink: Google modifies publisher content via their toolbar in Windows Internet Explorer (simple answer – don’t), making it look like original links. Dave Winer dives in and explains the issues. John Robb points out googles strategic error.
  • The Google toolbar phones home with every page you land on, and tattles to Google what you’re looking at, while offering up your globally-unique Google cookie ID that expires in 2038.