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Madison Farmer's Market Scenes June 3, 2011

More of God's Floral Handiwork

A Beautiful Saturday Morning @ The Farmer's Market

A few photos taken at Ela Orchard's space. Their apples are, of course fabulous.

A Beautiful Saturday

Madison Farmer's Market Bounty

A beautiful day after a rainy/stormy week. Much to be thankful for....

Madison Farmer's Market Photos

The Juice Queue

Feingold for Senate Campaign @ the Madison Farmer's Market

I've appreciated a number of Russ's votes, but found his recent vote to kill the Washington, DC voucher program unpalatable. No K-12 program is perfect, but given the very challenging District K-12 climate, it is difficult to see the status...

A "Kodak Moment" at the Madison Farmer's Market

Memorial Day Delights: Strawberries

At Madison's Farmer's Market....

Madison Farmer's Market Flowers

Late afternoon light.

Madison Farmer's Market Flowers

Monona Terrace Winter Sunrise

The journey to this morning's Winter Farmer's Market was beautiful, but quite cold. Madison's Frank Lloyd Wright inspired Monona Terrace never fails to provide an interesting vantage point for the photographer.

Happy Mother's Day!

Farmer's Market flowers....

Farmers Market on a Beautiful Saturday Morning

The Dane County Farmer's Market is gathering steam this spring. Loads of spinach, some asparagus, boxes of tomatoes and many flowers were on offer early this morning.

Many more Farmer's Market photos can be found here.

Perhaps Not as Fun Today: 2006 Wisconsin Ironman Underway

These 2006 ironman competitors from Kansas City took in the Farmer's Market Saturday.

Photos and video from the 2005 Wisconsin Ironman are here.

Farmer's Market Flowers

More on the Dane County Farmer's Market.

All's Quiet.........

Things were quiet early Saturday morning at the Farmer's Market....

Land Yachts: Classic 1970's Cadillac Eldorado Convertible

I walked past this classic, 1970's Eldorado on my way to the Farmer's Market this morning:

More on the Eldorado.

Dinner Potatoes: Fresh from Eau Claire via the Farmer's Market

Dashing around the Farmer's Market early Saturday morning, I picked up 5lbs of potatoes. The (late teen/early 20's?) daughters were moving a bit slow as they organized the vegetables and filled my bag with red potatoes. I inquired about this and one mentioned that they "got in late", then had to get up at 2 for the drive to Madison. I asked where their early morning journey began? Eau Claire - 178 miles.

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