In my old business of providing Diplomatic Security in two active war zones we were expected to execute the basics or we would be fired. Clearly USSS failed at the basics of a secure perimeter and once shots were fired their extraction was clumsy and left DJT highly exposed to follow on attacks. It looked like they had never drilled together because those responses should be effectively autonomic. Will there be accountability? That’s not the Washington way.

In an email Saturday at 7:34 pm that appeared to be addressed to sympathetic journalists, and which was also sent to Semafor, Mehlhorn wrote that one “possibility — which feels horrific and alien and absurd in America, but is quite common globally — is that this ‘shooting’ was encouraged and maybe even staged so Trump could get the photos and benefit from the backlash. This is a classic Russian tactic, such as when Putin killed 300 civilians in 1999 and blamed it on terrorists to ride the backlash to winning power. Others who have embraced this tactic of committing raw evil and then benefitting from the backlash include Hamas on October 7. If any Trump officials encouraged or knew of this attack, that is morally horrific, and Republicans of decency must demand that Trump step down as unfit.” More.

This event feels like a bookend moment to the George Floyd killing. That opened wide the era of ACAB and insane public safety decisions made to appease the loud, leftmost fringe. There will be less appetite for things like the SAFE-T Act, police no-chase policy, and hands-off treatment of teen riots.

stunning new report from our friends at Paragon Health Institute, quantifies the stunning scale of Obamacare fraud under the Biden administration, with millions of enrollees now receiving subsidies for which they are supposed to be ineligible based on income. The problem started when Biden made Obamacare “free” (fully taxpayer-funded) for incomes between 100 and 150 percent of the federal poverty level:

This is how you do good reporting. No speculation, no theories, no leading questions, just plain facts. Excellent work by @BBCBlindGazza with one of the best interviews of eye witness account on Trump assassination attempt. As an aside Gary is visually impaired but brings out the most visual account. Kudos as well to whoever is producing him.

A 501c3 called National Youth Advocate Project has been awarded $292 million by the Dept of Health and Human Services for assistance to unaccompanied illegal alien children in Ohio since 2021. The organization’s 2022 IRS form 990 says that the CEO, Marvena Twigg (social worker), earned $1.27 million that year. Wowie.

Well, I’ve thought the Secret Service were rubbish not just since we learned of the Cartagena hookers but for at least another decade before that. And increasingly, when it comes to American officialdom – from Kabul to Uvalde – to modify Henry Ford, you can get it in any colour as long as it’s bloated, lavishly over-funded and entirely dysfunctional. And yet and yet… it’s hard to believe even these guys (plus their bevy of five-foot-two-eyes-of-blue Keystone chorus girls) could be this crap. Assuming for the purposes of argument that the body on the roof is actually that of the perp, a goofball barely out of high school hatched a plan to have Donald Trump’s head explode in close-up on live TV – and, wittingly or otherwise, the world’s most flush money-no-object security state did their best to help him pull it off.

WithSecure assesses with HIGH confidence that due to geopolitical turbulence and low international relations with Russia, the Paris Olympic games will face an increased risk of malign cyber activity compared to previous Olympics.

In our interview last summer and on an accompanying Check 6 podcast, he doubled down on the likelihood that Boeing might not roll out a new passenger jet before 2035—nearly 25 years after the company’s last clean-sheet aircraft, the 787, entered service. “The notion that we should be looking at niche opportunities or competitive dynamics—when you’re going to invest tens of billions of dollars in a program for 50 years—is just silly,” he maintained. His claim in March that development of a new airplane would cost $50 billion was met with widespread derision.

Short story: an accelerating amount of income is leaving MN vs coming to MN. Net migration of income has risen from $215 million in 2017, to over $2.19 billion in 2022.

The Thiel-Hoffman Face-off in Sun Valley

This isn’t then, but the old have difficulty noticing. Add a Congress incontinently ignorant of anything but the politics of Washington and of their home states There is nobody on the House China committee who reads, speaks, or writes Chinese. Yet Congress inveighs fiercely against Beijing like a swarm of feral hamsters. What if, for example, the Russian fleet shows up in support of China? If North Korea seized the chance and invades South Korea, giving Washington two major wars at once? If China sinks tankers going to Japan and Taiwan, neither of which has oil? If Washington insouciantly bombs the Chinese mainland, which it will, and China or Russia hits the Pentagon and Capitol with sub-launched missiles? What does the sole superpower then do?

13. Higher education has been a traditional Democratic stronghold, and it remains one.  Yet its clout and credibility have fallen significantly in the last few years. 14. The Democrats made a big mistake going after “Big Tech.”  It didn’t cost them many votes, rather money and social capital.  Big Tech (most of all Facebook) was the Girardian sacrifice for the Trump victory in 2016, and all the Democrats achieved from that was a hollowing out of their own elite base.

Why? Because all will be held in the Seine River in the centre of Paris. The swimmers – including four Australians – will pass famous landmarks such as the Musee d’Orsay as they swim through the historic heart of the city. This will have enormous scenic appeal for spectators.

There truly is no general policy. One of my chief mandates for our two wine directors is ‘no Excel spreadsheet wine list,’ meaning: no taking a wine and multiplying it by 3x or 4x no matter what the wine is. We buy wines with the knowledge that they will fit into the program economically, not the other way around. We look at all markets (auction, retail, wholesale year-over-year) and attempt to find value in wine purchases. Then we compare those same markets to competitive wine lists in our micromarket. Whenever we can, we seek to offer the best price possible.

Within gender-marriage cohorts – single women are the most anti-Trump; and – divorced men are the most pro-Trump.

“Do not tell the prospect that they are not permitted or unqualified to purchase or sell property because of information you obtained from Forewarn,” a company executive said at a recent training webinar with Illinois real estate agents. She emphasized that potential buyers “do not get notified” when they are screened with the app, a question she said many real estate agents ask.

Houston-based tech company Lancium and Denver-based Crusoe Energy Systems announced on Thursday morning a multibillion-dollar deal to build a 200-megawatt data center just outside Abilene, Texas, that is designed to “meet the unique needs of AI companies.”

In the talk, Steve Jobs predicts that by 1986 sales of the PC would exceed sales of cars, and that in the following ten years, people would be spending more time with a PC than in a car. These were absurd claims for the early 1980s. Describing what he sees as the inevitability that this would be a pervasive new category, he asks the designers in the audience for help. He asks that they start to think about the design of these products, because designed well or designed poorly, they still would be made.

That Biden will likely remain as president until January 20, 2025, should remind the country the Left is more worried about its own next four-year continuance in power than the fate of the country that now admittedly will be guided in the next sixth months by a president judged unfit by his own supporters to run for the very office that he will still keep holding.

Further irony arises when those who, as supposedly guardians of democratic norms, pontificated to the country the last nine years about the Trump-Hitlerian threat to democracy. Yet now they so cavalierly work overtime on how: a) to pull off the removal of their candidate from the November ballot on grounds of senility, b) but not the removal of the same president from office (their own fate is more precious than our collective fate as a nation), c) while trying to select, rather than elect, a replace candidate, d) without every offering any explanation, much less an apology, how a Democrat president from January 20, 2021, was daily declared vibrant, dynamic, and engaged but suddenly one day after June 27, 2024, was remanufactured as not?

That the Director of the Secret Service actually claimed in public that they couldn’t put agents on that roof because its slope created “safety concerns” — something so stupid it’s hard to believe someone said it — yet still has her job, shows how accountability-free DC is.

Apparently, leaked memos show that J.D. Vance is so hardcore against wokeness that he froze dozens of ambassador nominations over their views on gender transition and DEI. Incredible.

Why undertake anything so obviously cockamamie? The reasons are several. Start with the insular complacency of a city long-accustomed to immense international power and unable to see that it no longer has it. Many who hold the reins in the city are old men who remember the world of decades ago when an aircraft carrier could intimidate almost any country, including China. This isn’t then, but the old have difficulty noticing. Add a Congress incontinently ignorant of anything but the politics of Washington and of their home states. There is nobody on the House China committee who reads, speaks, or writes Chinese. Yet Congress inveighs fiercely against Beijing like a swarm of feral hamsters.

Arlines already use mobile devices for gate checkin, lounges, and kiosks. Hotels are the same. Even TSA. Hospitals already use connected systems via browser and/or Citrix. From now, the only strategy that is not negligence is to move critical infrastructure to mobile devices.

The best photos from the 19th stage of this year’s Tour de France. #TDF2024  


A new show about the Cold War, “Not All Propaganda Is Art,” reveals the dark, sometimes comic ironies of trying to control the world through culture.

This is known as the Steel Man Technique. Put simply, it’s building the best form of the other side’s argument and then engaging with it. It’s being charitable and patching up the weaknesses in the other side’s proposition so that he can bring the best counter-argument to your point of view.

This tileset would be both the beginning and the end of the story, if not for one catch: it’s a commercial tileset, hosted by Stadia Maps and offered on a subscription plan. (I’m not affiliated with Stadia Maps and I’m not getting any incentive to write about them.)

Figure out what side-impacts the automation may have on your results. I could write a dissertation on all the “automation” that is undocumented or even mostly unknown that comes into play with both our cameras and our post processing workflows. The “average” user, on the other hand, wants to use automation as much as possible because there are too many variables that should be controlled to make you a perfect craftsperson (or deviant artist).  

David Axelrod is hammering Biden nonstop. Speaking for himself, or channeling Obama?

Milwaukee radio station says it agreed to cut out parts of their interview Joe Biden that made him look bad after the Biden campaign called and demanded it.

Nearly 250 years after the publication of Adam Smith’s ‘The Wealth of Nations’ and the West has lost the economic plot.

The drone ascended ~3,500 meters from the base camp to the summit of the highest mountain in the world.

Now here’s the kicker: In response to questions about the reliability of their study, Newstead and Hill reanalyzed their data and published a follow-up report (2022) which found no significant change in population abundance of piping plovers at Boca Chica over time. A decreasing trend in abundance over the first three years of the study was balanced by an increase in the final year of the study (once data from additional survey visits was added to the analysis).

For our part, we have conducted nine years of monitoring using a protocol developed with US Fish and Wildlife Services, and for the past two years we have ensured consistent sampling throughout the year by surveying monthly. The findings show little to no strong evidence of trends, either increasing or decreasing, for any of the target species, including piping plovers.

The American System.

In one of the most significant data breaches in recent history, hackers stole AT&T customers’ call and text metadata spanning several months.

The financial record also needs to be complete. More specifically, both the sub-ledger and the general ledger are a complete representation of all business activities that occurred at a specific time. If there is an event that occurred but is not in the financial record, than the system is not complete. Note, that this doesn’t imply eventual consistency not acceptable. You just need to know when your data will become complete, to notify stakeholders that data has settled.

(Do we remember the rodeo clown who merely wore an Obama mask during a bull riding contest and was punished by being permanently banned by the Missouri State Fair authorities?)

The effort was turbocharged by disclosures that several senators made very profitable trades in the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic, when members of Congress were getting classified briefings that warned of how disastrous the virus could be for the U.S. economy. The FBI launched insider trading investigations into three senators, but eventually ended the probe without making any charges.

Often the best solutions are relatively simple. Greece, for example, has been forced to introduce new laws to protect its beaches from over-commercialisation. Regulations introduced earlier this year mandate that umbrellas and deckchairs must be at least 4m from the sea and that they can’t be rented out on smaller beaches. Beaches are being monitored by drones; so far fines of almost £300,000 have been issued.


The true story — as best I can remember — of the origin of Mosaic and Netscape.

We’ve released a new dataset, Newswire https://arxiv.org/abs/2406.09490 2.7M unique newswires reproduced 32M+ times over a century (1878-1977). Articles have location and topic tags and person ids (from Wikipedia). Fun fact: see the prohibition related crime spike in the 1920s

Foreigners make up 8% of the French population but account for 24% of prison inmates. They committed 77% of rapes in Paris54% of street crimes in Niceand 40% of vehicle thefts, and 38% of burglaries and 31% of muggings across France. And in recent months, the stark reality of mass immigration, the glaring lack of social integration, and, to be blunt, what happens when Western nations import people who hate who we are has been further highlighted by a series of shocking atrocities.

Probability of losing per passenger

If you take a walk around Washington or a Western European capital today, there is no feeling of looming catastrophe. The threats are too complex, with many moving pieces and overlapping layers of risk adding up to a larger danger that is less obvious. People can be forgiven for not seeing the cloud hanging over them, for feeling that all is well — even as in Eastern Europe they are digging in for war. But this complacency is itself part of the problem, making the threat more difficult to foresee, to manage, or, potentially, to avert.

A gallery of U.S. state welcome signs

The terms of the deal show that Volkswagen is paying $1 billion by the end of the year to acquire Rivian stock. Half of this sum is locked at a Rivian stock price of $10.84 per share, which was likely the price when the deal was inked. The rest will reflect the share price closer to the deal completion date but not earlier than December 1, 2024. Even if the stock skyrockets by then, Volkswagen is projected to become Rivian’s second-largest shareholder, behind Amazon.

Still, Mickey entering the public domain brings up the question: what cartoon characters enter the public domain next? Below is a list of 10 major cartoon characters entering the public domain over the next decade, with the year they enter the public domain in parentheses. Note these are the earliest versions of the characters entering public domain; like “Steamboat Willie” Mickey, they likely won’t have most of their familiar modern aspects. (So while you can use 1938 Superman when he enters public domain, you’ll have to wait another two decades before you can show or mention his cousin, Supergirl.)

But recently they’ve deteriorated further, mostly due to Jill Biden.

It also contains a project named Protego ( wikileaks.org/vault7/#Protego ) which is not a malware but a missile control system, that can, if used in a specific way, can cause a missile launch to fail.”

Every time you transact in property, you will notice a variety of ticky-tack transactional frictions added to a (hopefully) itemized list. The largest, by a substantial margin, are agent commissions, which have come under substantialscrutiny for their set-by-a-disciplined-cartel character.

Common knowledge is why coronations and executions are held in public – not so a crowd can see the new king or the hanged man, but so a crowd can see a crowd seeing the new king or the hanged man. Common knowledge is why sitcoms have laugh tracks, why American Idol has a live studio audience, and why professional sports teams pipe in crowd noise. Common knowledge is why the Egyptian government fell in 2011 after a televised protest in Tahrir Square, why the Romanian government fell in 1989 after a televised protest in Palace Square, and why the Chinese government will arrest you today if you distribute pictures of a 35-year-old protest in Tiananmen Square. Common knowledge is why inflation has been non-transitory and persistent, why the US withdrawal from Afghanistan collapsed into a fiasco, and why the US response to Covid was so heavy-handed and ineffectiveCommon knowledge is why the 2024 Biden/Harris campaign has collapsed.

The historical left is in full meltdown…. They don’t understand that the MAGA movement, as it gets momentum and builds, is moving much farther to the right than President Trump. They will look back fondly at Donald Trump. They’ll ask: Where’s Trump when we need him?

Conceptually the Portable Data Transmitter is essentially a 5G Xperia phone that can only send and receive data, rather than making phone calls. In practice it’s a little more complex than that: adding direct HDMI and LAN inputs and dual USB-C sockets so that it can stream data and video directly from cameras to the internet using its 5G cellular connection.

Japan’s well-known population collapse issues foretell severe labor squeezes in the coming years, and one specific issue this project aims to curtail is the continuing rise in online shopping, with a forecast decline in the numbers of delivery drivers that can move goods around. The country is expecting some 30% of parcels simply won’t make it from A to B by 2030, because there’ll be nobody to move them.

“So what I’m saying is enlarge the pie,” he said. “We have the smallest U.S. active duty military that we’ve had since the eve of World War II. …We are in a major crisis, a 1930s-style crisis, and we’re making decisions that we don’t need to be making about a small amount of resources when we can increase that amount of resources.”

Japan’s kei cars are a common sight on the country’s streets. Today kei trucks, the hard-working cargo versions of the kei car, are increasingly seen offroad and in camping areas as users find ways to customize them for adventurous outdoor use.

Carville advised donors who want Biden out of the race to cut off money to politicians who won’t take their side.

For folks not interested in dropping thousands on an Apple headset, the IR cameras could offer other perks, including bringing “in-air” gestures to AirPods, per Kuo. The IR module could be similar to the receiver that powers Apple’s facial recognition feature, FaceID. The analyst’s report follows a from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, which noted that Apple was looking into the idea of camera-powered AirPods.

Between 1945 and 1960, RAND operated as the world’s most productive research organization. Initially envisioned as a research arm of the Air Force, RAND made century-defining breakthroughs both in basic science and applied strategic analysis. Its members helped define U.S. nuclear strategyconceptualized satellites, pioneered systems analysis, and developed the earliest reports on defense economics. They also revolutionized much of STEM: RAND scholars developed the basics of game theory, linear programming, and Monte Carlo methods. They helped conceptualize generalized artificial intelligence, developed the basics for packet switching (which enables data transmission across networks), and built one of the world’s first computers.

I’m thinking about what *I* want, as a capable, curious adult. I want to use its ideas to invent enabling environments for myself—to help me better think, learn, and create.


My most cherished learning experiences have involved diving into a topic, trying things, getting my hands dirty, living and breathing it. In the real world, this kind of learning is somewhat rare. Many topics just seem too abstract. Or, when I try to “just dive in”, I’ll struggle to find an effective way to engage. But this is mostly how we see Nell learn: through immersive, hands-on action.

You can now short the Party with cryptocurrency.

VP Kamala Harris career timeline. Market action.

This website wants to document the technical tools used by the Spanish government to censor official informative websites about the referendum in Catalonia to be held on October 1, 2017. 

Were algorithmic “gotcha” questions still asked? Were the questions easier? Was the bar just higher?

So, the ID. Buzz GTX is facing some stiff competition – and early impressions suggest Volkswagen isn’t competing in the same league. It might be faster than the E-Transit in a straight line, but it doesn’t stop, corner or ride anywhere near as well, which I think rather defeats the point. And that’s before I address the practicality limitations.

Are Democrats even capable of running a presidential campaign without massive hoaxes, disinformation campaigns and election interference involving corruption of government officials and complicity of the mainstream media? This should be offensive to every voter.

The Democratic Party crushed all opposition during the primary with behind-the-scenes arm twisting and threats to discourage potential candidates from running, legal challenges to prevent NoLabels, @deanbphillips, @RobertKennedyJr and others from getting on the ballot in many states, and unprecedented limitations on the recent debate (which enabled the exclusion of @RobertKennedyJr) to limit the possibility of a third-party candidate successfully running for president.

A small group of local reporters (including me) were set to travel with President Biden to a handful of other stops today. We’ve now been told we don’t have transportation and won’t be doing so.

The solution to the software crisis will not be a reversion to more constrained platforms, but a constraint on the number of layers of abstraction we are allowed to apply, as well as the requirement of information preservation between these layers. We must narrow the (semantic gap) so that everyone may scale it.

All new vehicles sold in Europe – including Northern Ireland but not Great Britain – will be fitted with a mandatory speed limiter from 2024 to keep cars within the limits and boost road safety.

The funds, announced Tuesday by the U.S. Economic Development Administration, will create a new shared health database, send a fleet of cancer screening vans to underserved neighborhoods, provide lab space for science startups and help biohealth businesses develop apprenticeship programs.

But there is another dimension, too. Like East Germany, Prussia has left a mark on Germany that didn’t vanish when the state did. There are historians today who constitute an ‘otherness’ of the country’s East based on the idea that it had already been ‘different’ when it was Prussia. Traditions of Prussian liberalism are ignored in this picture and the focus is on perceived attributes of militarism, autocracy and general backwardness. A line is still often drawn from Prussia to Nazi Germany, an image of continuity favoured by Hitler himself, who liked to put himself in line with Prussians like Frederick the Great, Otto von Bismarck and Paul von Hindenburg.

Funding isn’t an issue. Revolut had $22 billion of customer balances (including over $19 billion of deposits) globally at the end of last year but only $680 million of loans, primarily in the personal lending and credit cards space.

Nuno Cunha Barnabé, a tax partner at Lisbon law firm Abreu Advogados, said the inclusion of retirees in the previous regime had made Portugal an anomaly. “It was against demographics. It didn’t make sense,” he said. “We already have an old population. Attracting pensioners puts more burden on our health system. We need to attract young people.”

Civics: The Democratic Party Awaits Its Gorbachev

Niall Ferguson

The most impressive feature of Thursday’s debate between Brezhnev and Andropov—sorry, Trump and Biden—is that anyone watching was in the least surprised by what it revealed.

The president is senile. The former president is a blowhard. Both these truths have been obvious for years. Yet somehow The New York Times editorial board, the hosts of Pod Save America, and numerous other eminent liberal authorities were shocked by what CNN broadcast from Atlanta.


How Many Hot Dogs Should You Eat This Summer?

Real positive takeaway here: WWIII, Cold War, Containment … these are not answers for today but relics from last century. After decades of enabling its rise, America now lives in a multipolar world but is deeply uncomfortable with that reality, thus we — in our painfully geriatric leadership cohort — reach for inappropriate tools from the past.

“We hear a lot, ‘We moved out to the town because we wanted to be in a more rural area, and here comes the big, bad city of Madison developing it,’” Greger said. “We try to allay some of those concerns. This is a long-term plan, land it takes a long time for this development to occur. Plus, we don’t have any real development interests at the moment out here.”

Bestselling writer Naomi Klein has called Baillie Gifford “thin-skinned” for putting literary festivals in jeopardy, as she defended her decision to support Fossil Free Books’ campaign against the investment manager. Speaking to City A.M. in an interview after winning the Women’s Prize for Non-Fiction for her latest book Doppelganger, Klein said she believed people should pull their money from Baillie Gifford and that the investment manager couldn’t expect to gain the clout from association with the arts, without also engaging with the ideas of artists and writers.

This cheaper device, codenamed N107, is now the focus of Apple’s Vision Products Group. The company hopes to bring that product to market as early as the end of 2025 — a plan that’s been in place since before the Vision Pro was first unveiled last year. The problem: Apple is struggling to get the cost down while retaining critical features. It’s dealing with some difficult trade-offs.

The Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine, active since 1996, preserves nearly 900 billion pages for public access.

The unbearable sorrow of Apple Weather

As many as 5,000 bridges along Germany’s autobahns are so decrepit that they need to be renovated or rebuilt as quickly as possible. But the state, restrained by a national debt brake, is struggling to find the money.

Dealing with a co-founder not pulling their weight.

If I blast white noise, fan speeds stay at max + no throttle.

Words you can spell with a calculator.

“The only logical conclusion for the secret nature of the proceeding was to give Glanville in conjunction with the State the unfettered ability to harass and intimidate the sworn witness into testifying,” the lawyers argue in the motion. They go on to say defense lawyers have a right to the full transcript of the meeting since Copeland may have said things that could be used to undermine his credibility on cross-examination.

The Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty (WILL) and Attorney Bjorn Johnson have filed a lawsuit against the Village of Sister Bay on behalf of their clients Captains Cottage LLC, a short-term rental in the Village for unlawfully refusing to issue Captains Cottage a permit to rent the property. Due to the Village’s actions, Captains Cottage was forced to cancel all their reservations starting July 1, causing a substantial loss of income. Following WILL’s filed complaint, a judge has granted a temporary restraining order and set a hearing for Wednesday, June 26th.

What we can learn today from the British East India Company. Captain Hawkins was the father of all account managers. His expense account totaled an annual sum of £3,200 (~$0.5M in 2020 USD) paid from the treasury of the Mughal Empire. His knowledge of Turkish allowed him access to Emperor Jehangir’s intimate drinking circle, where, after several years, he succeeded in obtaining for his employers at the British East India Company the concession of a warehouse in Surat. In 1609, when Hawkins undertook his duties as account manager, the East India Company was still largely focused on the spice trade, particularly nutmeg from the Banda Islands in present-day Indonesia. The purpose of the concession was to exchange wool, iron, lead, and tin for cotton goods in India which could be traded for spices with the inhabitants of the ‘Spiceries’.

Welcome to Rent Elderly People.

I’ve mentioned that tables of contents can communicate the structure of the page. However, they do so from the outset, before you’ve started reading. In their “base form”, the reader stops benefiting from tables of contents once they’ve started reading.

I was searching through old presentations and ran into one that I gave to an international military audience in a closed-door event, just after Stuxnet had been found. At the time, these speculations felt pretty wild. They turned out to be true.

Hillary Clinton proposed a drone strike on Julian Assange, back in 2010.

A campaign finance expert tells the Tribune that ex-Ald. Ed Burke can pay the $2 million fine levied today from his political fund w/o penalty.

Anyone following Boeing’s financial performance and weak balance sheet could see this one coming.

The real gatekeepers of the world tend to be governmental in nature, either by law or by regulation. The problem with that is we’re going from a more open global market to a more tightly regulated regional market in ways that are now impacting companies pretty directly. That’s because the laws and regulations are getting tougher to protect perceived regional interests. 

Yet although SpaceX has made its money on satellites orbiting Earth (including its own Starlink communications system), the new focus among space entrepreneurs centers on opportunities outside Earth’s orbit. For the first time, the amount of venture capital money spent on extraterrestrial projects has exceeded the amount devoted to either launch or satellite manufacturing companies. Some are directly making off-Earth enabling devices, such as moon landers. It was a Houston-based private firm, Intuitive Machines, that recently placed the first American lander on the Moon in half a century.

Blue Origin demands to cap the launch and landing of Starship from Cape Canaveral.

Adonis tracks outcomes including net collection rate, denials, and accounts receivable timelines, the latter of which Magoon says Adonis reduces from about 75 days to 25–30 days. Customers include Apollo MD, US Dermatology Partners, Brightside Health, Rippl Care and RubiconMD.

More and more people in caring professions have to account for everything they do. Is this an improvement?

The great news is that I will be doing this, as Reid mentioned, 24/7, so keep Outlook and Teams open on your phones, tablets, or whatever device you take to bed with you. Building on Reid’s comments, I’m excited to announce that in my first official act I am also making redundant all of the Executive Vice Presidents that report to me and that I will assume their roles as well. We call this technology MultiplePersonalities (only available with $300M+ in Azure commits) and it gives me the ability to be on multiple Teams calls at the same time with each of the personalities of our previous executive team or even as multiple of them in a single call.

In long-awaited evidence, Jenkins, 72, insisted that the bugs and errors in the system were “well controlled and managed”, infuriating sub-postmasters. Appearing at the public inquiry into the scandal, he disputed the findings of Judge Peter Fraser, in the High Court trial led by the campaigner Sir Alan Bates, that Horizon was “not remotely robust”.

Both Poe and the novice printer Calvin F.W. Thomas were just eighteen when the poet handed over his manuscript, presumably at Thomas’s shop at 70 Washington Street in Boston, and paid him to make it into a book. The result was forty pages of unevenly printed verse bound in drab tan wrappers the shade of a faded tea stain. Tamerlane’s front cover features a potpourri of discordant typefaces within an ornamental frame that resembles a geometric queue of conifers—a heavy-handed period design I have grown to adore. It’s clear that Thomas, as a workaday job printer whose usual commissions were show bills, apothecary labels, calling cards, and the like, had his shop stocked with a mishmash of typefaces to fit any taste. On this occasion, he seems to have drawn liberally from his inventory.

Comparative data from Marine Traffic suggests that the Houthi attacks have led to a 79.6 percent drop in drybulk carriers going through the Suez Canal in June 2024 versus June 2023. The recent attacks and sinking of Tutor is expected to lead to an additional rise in insurance costs for companies planning to send ships through the Red Sea. Central Command continues to work with partners to degrade the Houthi abilities, Pentagon spokesman Maj. Gen. Patrick Ryder told reporters Tuesday.

Recognizing the growing anti-Biden trend among Democrats, Howell issued an “emergency” memo last week warning about a possible move. He noted that since Biden has already passed through the primary process and beyond fall election ballot deadlines, the party is stuck with the president.

The campaign also comes at a time when several Republican-appointed members of the high court, including Justices Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas, have been accused by Democratic lawmakers of abrogating ethical responsibilities despite a lack of evidence that either of the justices’ decisions were influenced by outside parties.

The National Legal and Policy Center, led by Paul Kamenar, filed the complaint with the Office of Congressional Ethics on Tuesday. The complaint dings Omar for “failing to accurately report the financial assets, transactions, and liabilities of her spouse,” Tim Mynett, citing discrepancies in Omar’s personal financial disclosures. Those discrepancies “deserve to be fully investigated,” Kamenar said. The complaint comes roughly three weeks after a Minnesota Reformer report highlighted Mynett’s shady business ventures in the wine and marijuana industries, which have prompted lawsuits from disgruntled investors.

“To anyone watching closely, it’s been obvious that Obama has been thinking about where he fits in today’s political mêlée and working on his public tone.” // Biden can barely do a minimal job of appearing to be a candidate for reelection. How could he perform this magical task in the last 4 months?

The images by Weimin Chu capture traditional landscapes integrated with modern developments in China. Chu creates a frame within a frame, connecting the carriage interior with the outside landscape, inviting us to journey alongside the photographer through landscapes and time.

That second point is interesting to consider. With PCC, Apple has gone to extraordinary lengths to safeguard user privacy with AI- related tasks. In doing so, Apple has surely also incurred an extraordinary expense. How can Apple justify the cost of providing PCC if it doesn’t directly monetize its Apple Intelligence features? Either through the improved brand perception captured in a broader privacy narrative or by monetizing PCC with other non-AI use cases.

Then-FBI Director James Comey had also met in the Situation Room in early October to discuss the plan. But Comey balked at accusing “Russia’s senior-most officials” of authorizing the “alleged hack” of the Clinton campaign and trying “to interfere in the U.S. election process,” as the two-page document claimed. Conspicuously, the FBI did not sign on to the intelligence.

Many of the things they fought about rhyme with the arguments in 2020. There were – wait for it – alternate or “fake” elector slates. There were arguments about the meaning of the 12th Amendment and how these conflicting slates were to be handled.

Georgia and Atlanta are welcoming, business-friendly environments that provide an ideal backdrop for Cargill’s investment in technology and innovation…

Dairy farmers in Denmark face having to pay an annual tax of 672 krone ($96) per cow for the planet-heating they generate.

These success stories suggest that the formula for Singapore’s effectiveness— active problem-solving and long-term thinking—is alive and well in many U.S. communities. Celebrating and documenting homegrown models of competent city governance is the first step in determining whether we can create an American Singapore.

It only took @TractorSupply losing $2 billion before they decided to stick to selling farm equipment rather than engaging in activism

What is the secret of the LMB’s success? Many researchers and historians have pointed to its origins in the Cavendish Laboratory, the physics department of the University of Cambridge, UK, where researchers brought techniques such as X-ray crystallography to bear in the messy world of biology. Its pool of exceptional talent, coupled with generous and stable funding from the Medical Research Council (MRC), undoubtedly played a part. However, there is much more to it. None of these discoveries was serendipitous: the lab is organized in a way that increases the likelihood of discoveries (see ‘New questions, new technologies’).

The Pennsylvania-based healthcare giant uses Nuance as an IT provider. We’re told that after the Microsoft-owned entity terminated one of its workers, that staffer two days later may have accessed and taken copies of sensitive records on a huge number of Geisinger patients – for reasons as yet unknown.

Lawyers for the Post Office arranged a secret meeting with a judge to prevent disclosure to defence solicitors in a criminal trial, the Post Office Inquiry heard yesterday.  Solicitor Martin Smith and his barrister colleague Simon Clarke met the judge at Birmingham Crown Court in 2013 on the eve of a trial of a sub-postmaster accused of theft.

This is the story of one of the greatest intelligence coups in history. It begins in the lobby of the Hotel Bristol in Oslo, one wintry night in 1939. A middle aged man went to reception and asked, could he borrow a typewriter?

‘I’m good, I promise’: the loneliness of the low-ranking tennis player

Why these things are not happening is not a military matter; this is a political matter. It is clear that the Commander’s Intent and Higher Direction and Guidance from the POLMIL level does not want to do this. So, we’ll do an incomplete job instead. The results speak for themselves.

Technology is about to accelerate.
Because Chevron deference is over.
And regulators can’t just make up laws anymore.
So, countless new startups just became feasible.
This is often spoken about in the abstract, so let’s do three examples and two visuals.

Assange says the email shown in this video is the most significant in his whole collection. Because the email contains sensitive info between Hillary Clinton and John Podesta.

In 1908, at the height of photographic pictorialism, a photography textbook formalized Robinson’s suggestion, in what is likely the first actual account of the (as-yet-unnamed) phenomena:

The Principle Object of Interest?—?There must be a principle object of interest in the picture; and that object must be put in the right place, not only in regard to the spacing of the negative, but also in relationship to the other details of the picture. For this purpose, you will find it an excellent plan to rule your ground-glass in the manner indicated on the accompanying diagram. The crosses indicate positions of strength, the weakest part of the space is the center. The principle object of interest, therefore, should be placed very close to where the lines intersect; that is to say, near but not in, the middle of the picture. [emphasis added]

Surprising decision by @eumetsat to launch with SpaceX Falcon 9 instead of Ariane 6, not waiting for the inaugural flight before making their launch service decision. It’s difficult to understand, especially as Ariane 6 is well on track for its 9 July inaugural flight, with all proceeding nominally. Plans still target one more launch in 2024 and the ramp-up of Ariane 6 has not changed, except now for the loss of MTG-S1. The end of the launcher crisis is within reach. Now is the time for Europe to support autonomous access to space, which is on the horizon.

To conduct this research, Passman and his colleagues applied for and received an exception to FDA rules that allows them to use the watch to alert patients who have already been diagnosed with atrial fibrillation that they are by having an irregular heartbeat.

SpaceX has been deploying Direct-to-Cellphone Starlinks since January 2024. This will enable enabling global texting, calling, and browsing with existing unmodified cellphones. SpaceX is still testing these capabilities. SpaceX should start offering T-mobile customers direct to cellphone service in the next few months.

Two decades ago Oliver Blume did a PhD in Shanghai under the supervision of Wan Gang, who as China’s minister for science and technology later became the driving force behind the country’s electric vehicle revolution. Now Blume, chief executive of both Volkswagen and Porsche, must safeguard two of Germany’s biggest industrial names from the achievements of his former professor, which gave rise to Chinese EV industry champions from carmaker BYD to battery giant CATL.


A laboratory accident with a laser more than 30 years ago served as the unlikely first step in the development of an entire industry that has helped more than 30 million people overcome vision problems.

DR DOS was a great product. It was superior to other DOS versions in many ways, and it is certainly possible that it could have been more successful were it not for Microsoft Windows having been so wildly successful. Starting with Windows 95, the majority of computer users simply didn’t much care about which DOS loaded Windows so long as it worked. There’s quite a bit of lore regarding legal battles and copyrights surrounding CP/M and DOS involving Microsoft and Digital Research. This has been covered in previous articles to some extent, but I am not really certain how much would have changed had Microsoft and Digital Research got on. Gates and Kildall had been quite friendly at one point, and we know that the two mutually chose not to work together due to differences in business practices and beliefs. Kildall chose to be quite a bit more friendly and less competitive while Gates very much chose to be competitive and at times a bit ruthless. Additionally, Kildall sold DRI rather than continue the fight, and DRI had never really attempted to combine DR DOS with GEM as a cohesive product to fight Windows before Windows became the ultimate ruler of the OS market following Windows 3.1’s release. Still, it was an absolutely brilliant product and part of me will always feel that it ought to have won.

The Architecture Behind A One-Person Tech Startup

Toyota has since developed a new generation of smaller engines with a unique design using shorter pistons that promises higher fuel efficiency when used alongside batteries in hybrid vehicles. The engines can run on diesel and petrol as well as carbon-neutral fuels such as hydrogen or so-called e-fuel. The world’s largest carmaker by sales is betting that the continued investment in the profitable fuel-based technology will pay off at a time when consumers are choosing hybrids rather than fully electric vehicles due to concerns about cost and driving range. But industry executives and analysts remain divided on whether the Japanese group is underestimating the scale of the electric transition that is increasingly being led by its Chinese rivals and whether its bullish bet on engines could become costly in the long run.

A century after George Mallory’s disappearance on Everest, why do his words, “Because it’s there,” remain an indelible explanation for the human obsession with high places?

Besides this being wrong – it’s not a story of which country is fast tracking aircraft. This isn’t how certifying safe commercial aircraft works or should ever work.

Aggressive refinancings that rearrange collateral packages have become the norm in the syndicated bank loan market used to finance mega leveraged buyouts.

Censorship and the Connecticut bar.

At its European Group Meeting in Bristol, U.K., Epic leaders and customers showcased new AI products and collaboration. In May, two hospitals in the Netherlands became among the first to deploy the AI-enabled Patient Summaries technology, which distills years’ worth of clinical notes into a short summary for clinician review.

The U.S.-led campaign against Iran-backed Houthi rebels has turned into the most intense running sea battle the Navy has faced since World War II. That’s what its leaders and experts tell The Associated Press, whose journalists visited U.S. ships off Yemen in recent days. 

The retired USN admiral James Stavridis sums it up nicely for Boot: “We are at an absolute pivot point in maritime warfare,” he told me in an email. “Big surface ships are highly at risk to air, surface, and sub-surface drones. The sooner great-power navies like that of the United States understand that, the more likely they are to survive in major combat in this turbulent 21st century. Like the battleship row destroyed at Pearl Harbor, carriers are at the twilight of their days. It is absolutely time to move the rheostat of procurement away from manned warships and toward more numerous and far less expensive unmanned vessels.”

Call center agents who have to deal with angry or perplexed customers all day tend to have through-the-roof stress levels and a high turnover rate as a result. About 53% of U.S. contact center agents who describe their stress level at work as high say they will probably leave their organization within the next six months, according to CMP Research’s 2023-2024 Customer Contact Executive Benchmarking Report. Some think this is a problem artificial intelligence can fix. A well-designed algorithm could detect the signs that a call center rep is losing it and do something about it, such as send the rep a relaxing video montage of photos of their family set to music. 

Nine years ago, sitting in a hotel room in Budapest, my girlfriend of just a couple weeks found out she was pregnant.

“They sued him previously, and I think they are disappointed with the outcome of that settlement and how he has responded to it … They are putting in the extra work to see if they can get a stronger case here.”

Canvassers from all major political parties have been warned about how careful they must be while knocking on doors. One campaign manager went as far as warning staff that they were being recorded at all times, in order to avoid the type of controversy that enveloped a Tory caught removing opposition leaflets from a home in May.

Happy 6 year anniversary to Greta Thunberg saying we’d all be dead in 5 years.

Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin joined us at The Recombobulation Area.  We sat down for a roughly 35-minute interview, discussing a range of topics. In case you missed it, I wrote a little bit about the interview here.

(Ken SilvaHeadline USA) It’s been about nine years since Utah attorney Jesse Trentadue filed a Freedom of Information Act request for records about a CIA asset and FBI informant who helped fund the Oklahoma City bombing, as well as for records about a neo-Nazi bank-robbery gang also involved in the attack.

Sam Loyd published The Patch Quilt Puzzle. A square quilt made of 169 square patches of the same size is to be divided into the smallest number of square pieces by cutting along lattice lines. The answer, which is unique

Boeing Sent Two Astronauts Into Space. Now It Needs to Get Them Home.

In a recent teardown of the Apple iPad Pro 11-inch, TechInsights revealed details of Apple’s latest silicon: the Apple M4 SoC, codenamed TMRV93, built on TSMC’s advanced N3E process. This surprise release demonstrates Apple’s agility in adopting cutting-edge semiconductor technologies ahead of schedule.

Pilot project shows Navy can move terabytes of data daily from the U.S.S Abraham Lincoln to the cloud

A century later, the tribe and Burlington Northern Railroad Company reached an agreement allowing one eastbound and one westbound oil train to roll through the reservation daily. Under that 1990 agreement, Burlington Northern also paid the Swinomish Tribe $125,000 as “payment in full for all rent, damages, and compensation of any sort, due for past occupancy of the right-of-way from date of construction in 1889 until January 1, 1989.”

The Deadly Mining Complex Powering the EV Revolution

Program and optimize a drone to automate a farm and watch it do the work for you. Collect resources to unlock better technology and become the most efficient farmer in the world. Improve your problem solving and coding skills.

What are some iconic comments on HN?

Replacing two 50-car trains with a single 100-car train increases the odds of derailment by 11 percent, according to a new risk analysis

Later in the article, a clue emerges: “Today, about 85% to 95% of customer calls that First Horizon fields are handled in a self-service manner within the interactive voice response,” according to one of the bank’s executives. Aha! This tells us that however many years ago, the management at First Horizon Bank was sold on an another automation technology, interactive voice response (IVR), that is now used to field the vast majority of its incoming calls. So, like most of its peers, First Horizon Bank was able to replace many of its call center workers with an IVR system, or to allows its call volume to balloon without hiring more of them, until most calls were not being answered by people at all, but IVR. The problem is, everybody absolutely hates IVR.

Your news tells you Biden is cognitively fine. We all see he isn’t.

How and why did California so utterly consume its unmatched natural and ancestral inheritance and end up as a warning to Western civilization of what might be in store for anyone who followed its nihilism? The symptoms of the state’s suicide are indisputable.

WashingtonTimes: Residents in rural America are eager to access high-speed internet under a $42.5 billion federal modernization program, but not a single home or business has been connected to new broadband networks nearly three years after President Biden signed the funding into law, and no project will break ground until sometime next year.

A big part of the problem is the piling on to any government program a host of progressive wish-list items including:

Using a Trump-era authority, the US Commerce Department has banned the sale of Kaspersky’s antivirus tools to new customers in the US, citing alleged threats to national security.

These estimates reflect the combination of five kinds of support: nationally approved buyer rebates, exemption from the 10% sales tax, government funding for infrastructure (primarily charging poles), R&D programs for EV makers, and government procurement of EVs. The buyer’s rebate and sales tax exemption have accounted for the vast majority of support for the industry (see Figure 2). That said, because of the high cost and desire to winnow the field of producers, the central government reduced the buyer’s rebate in 2022 and eliminated it beginning in 2023. 

After his testimony before the House McCormack-Dickstein Committee around Thanksgiving of 1934, the New York Times ran a front-page story with a two-column headline: “Gen. Butler Bares ‘Fascist Plot’ To Seize Government by Force.” But most of the article was full of denials and outright ridicule from some of the bigwigs that he’d implicated, while the meat of Smedley’s charges got buried on an inside page. Time magazine followed up with a piece headlined “Plot without Plotters,” complete with a cartoon of Butler riding a white horse and asking veterans to follow him. “No military officer of the United States since the late tempestuous George Custer has succeeded in publicly floundering in so much hot water as Smedley Darlington Butler,” the article said. Doesn’t seem like the big media have changed their spots much over the last eighty years, does it?

The Post Office has apologised after it published the names and addresses of 555 postmasters it pursued during the Horizon scandal. The company confirmed personal details had been shared in a document on its website and said it had referred itself to data watchdog the Information Commissioner’s Office.

Reid Hoffman overlooked several major issues under the Biden administration, including the worst inflation in 40 years, the Russia-Ukraine war, the Israel-Palestine conflict, the War in the Red Sea, and the entry of 10 million illegal immigrants into the country…

SVG, short for “scalable vector graphics” is a format for, well, scalable vector graphics. In this article I summarize my opinion of the format, what its problems are and suggest what could be done to improve things.

On April 3, 1897, a letter was put forth to the Kunstlerhaus announcing the formation of a new group with Klimt as president and Rudolf von Alt as honorary president. Of a total of 40 members on the list, 23 were members of the Kuntslerhaus, including Klimt, Joseph Olbrich and Koloman Moser. The group had in fact intended to stay in the Kunstlerhaus, but on May 22nd the board of directors put forth a motion of censure against the new group during their assembly forcing Klimt and the group to leave the meeting in silence. Two days later, an official letter of resignation was sent to the Kunstlerhaus announcing the resignation of twelve member artists including Stor, Olbrich, Moser, Carl Moll, and Felician von Myrbach. More resignations followed over the course of the next two years, including Hoffmann, Kurzweil and ending with Otto Wagner on October 11, 1899.

The advantage now enjoyed by small aerial drones on battlefields including in Ukraine is but “a moment in history,” French Army Chief of Staff Gen. Pierre Schill said at the Eurosatory defense show in Paris. While anti-drone systems are lagging and “leave the sky open to things that are cobbled together but which are extremely fragile,” countermeasures are being developed, Schill told reporters during a tour of the French Army stand at the show June 19. Already today, 75% of drones on the battlefield in Ukraine are lost to electronic warfare, the general said.

Chomsky continued, “Of course, it was provoked. Otherwise, they wouldn’t refer to i all the time as an unprovoked invasion. By now, censorship in the United States has reached such a level beyond anything in my lifetime. Such a level that you are not permitted to read the Russian position.
Literally. Americans are not allowed to know what the Russians are saying. Except, selected things. So, if Putin makes a speech to Russians with all kinds of outlandish claims about Peter the Great and so on, then, you see it on the front pages. If the Russians make an offer for a negotiation, you can’t find it. That’s suppressed. You’re not allowed to know what they are saying. I have never seen a level of censorship like this.”

In this essay, I will talk about my experience riding Waymos, predict the impacts that self-driving vehicles will have on our society, sketch out Waymo’s unit economics and discuss its competitive positioning vis-a-vis Uber and others, and finally argue that Waymos will totally overhaul how we think of public transit — offering a rare technological “leapfrog” opportunity to urban America.


Roberts said “a lot of stuff” involving Hunter Biden was missing from her iCloud when she got a new phone the next day.

Many editors of the loftier titles won’t admit it, but they all have an eye on the success of the British tabloid Daily Mail Online which, after establishing a large newsroom in New York, has grown to be the world’s largest English-language news website reaching over 225 million unique monthly visitors globally — 75 million of those coming from the United States. Dougherty, now at The Daily Beast, was formerly an editor at the New York Post and Daily Mail.

Krugman’s op-ed about why he, as Nobel-winning macroeconomist, isn’t worried about the debt includes these arguments:

“The older I get, the more my writing is driven by curiosity and the desire to learn, rather than by conviction and the desire to persuade.”

Some time ago, I built a Bürgeramt appointment finder. It helps people get an appointment to register their address at the Bürgeramt. The tool is exceptional in two ways: it’s available to everyone for free, and it follows the rules. I worked with the city for many months to get it sanctioned.

Chris Arnade is not a political extremist. If he reports that the US asylum system is broken, then there’s a real problem.

Printable Popup Horizontal Sundials – How to Make a Sundial.

There is nothing in Wisconsin state law which authorizes municipalities to charge a road use fee. Instead, roads are meant to be financed primarily through property taxes which have strict levy limits and uniformity requirements.  

The Town of Buchanan was one of the Wisconsin municipalities using a TUF to illegally get around their property tax limitations.  

In its letter, Elliott wrote, “While Southwest has a proud history, that history is not an argument for supporting poor leadership and sticking with a strategy that no longer succeeds in the modern airline industry.” Elliott included with its letter a 51-slide presentation laying out its case for overhauling Southwest. One slide features a 2014 quote from founder and former CEO Herb Kelleher: “If things change faster outside your company than they change inside your company, you’ve got something to worry about.”

Car insurance companies secretly collecting driver data with the help of phone apps.

It turns out the 6th floor houses Kitamura Camera’s “Vintage Salon,” dedicated to truly rare and valuable collector’s items. I was blown away when I saw an early Leica built for the German Army bearing a price tag of 40,000,000 Yen, or more than $250,000 USD at the then-current all-time high exchange rate. It turned out that wasn’t even the most valuable model on offer. I asked Mizutani-san if he’d be willing to be interviewed about his experience and the world of ultra-high-end camera collectors, and he agreed.

That is from New History of South Africa, by Hermann Giliomee, Bernard Mbenga, and Bill Nasson, a very excellent book.  I found it to be one of the best single-volume histories of any country I have read.  The other South Africa book I found especially helpful was Understanding South Africa, by Carien du Plessis and Martin Plaut.  One of the best things about travel is you understand a country — through books — much better than before you went there.  Everything is more vivid, and you retain much more of it.

In recent months, NASA officials like Koerner have been grappling with the reality that not all of this hardware is likely to be ready for the planned September 2026 launch date for the Artemis III mission. In particular, the agency is concerned about Starship’s readiness as a “Human Landing System.” While SpaceX is pressing forward rapidly with a test campaign, there is still a lot of work to be done to get the vehicle down to the lunar surface and safely back into lunar orbit.

Will the people connected to this policy be held accountable for any terrorist attacks it makes possible?

The fact that the US allows its own citizens to be put on an enemies list of a Country we are funding is really pathetic and should never be allowed.

But of course that still leaves the basic question of what batteries will be used for. I’m going to go through a bunch of use cases, from the obvious (cars and energy storage) to the not-so-obvious. But first, I should talk a bit about why batteries are such a general-purpose technology.

About one in four people stopped at border had some data copied from their devices by Australian Border Force

Battery-swap stations work well for VPP programs because they offer so much more flexibility than charging at home, where an electric-bike owner usually has just one or two batteries and thus must charge immediately after one runs out. With dozens of batteries in a single station as a demand buffer, Gogoro can choose when it charges them—for instance, doing so at night when there’s less power demand and it’s cheaper. In the meantime, the batteries can give power back to the grid when it is stressed—hence the comparison to power plants.

Is Apple paying OpenAI, or vice versa?

At secret meeting, right-wing radio host Dan Proft dangled $20 million to Darren Bailey’s governor run

Real estate developer Ori Feibush announced the immediate closure of his three OCF Coffee House locations on Monday, a week after OCF workers informed him of their intent to unionize.

She has a lot of company. The past year has been tough for the Bay Area, as thousands of layoffs skittered across the region. Even workers at Silicon Valley’s tech titans — including Meta, Apple and Google — have faced job cuts. Since 2022, tech companies in the region have slashed roughly 40,000 jobs. And with each layoff, workers are entering a market that is less friendly to job seekers than it used to be.

The regime gave $10B to Iran, but tried to take $56B from Elon. Why? It’s simple: they’re fine with Iran getting $10B to kill US troops, but they didn’t want Elon getting $56B to give you free speech. These came just one week apart

The vast majority of Tesla shareholders approved Elon’s comp package in 2018 and have re-approved it now. An activist judge voided it for nothing. The trial lawyers who are asking for billions in fees should get nothing.

United Airlines has launched a new ad serving platform that will exploit the personal travel information of its customers gathered from bookings, and the use of its app to allow a wide array of companies to peddle their wares to flyers.

In the backdrop of heightened data privacy concerns, governments and firms have introduced various privacy regulations. Assembling novel datasets on online advertiser spending, performance, and revenue, we quantify the economic effects of Apple’s App Tracking Transparency (ATT) privacy policy on e-commerce firms. Our paper extends prior literature by uncovering the effect of ATT on not only advertising effectiveness but also changes in firm-side strategy to mitigate the effects of ATT and the resulting net impact on overall firm revenue. We show that the performance of conversion-optimized Meta advertisements, which critically depend on third-party data for targeting and measurement, significantly worsened after ATT with a 37% reduction in click-through rates compared to click-optimized campaigns. Although advertisers substitute away from Meta for the Google ecosystem, those with a higher baseline dependence on Meta nevertheless experience a 37% reduction in firm-wide revenue. We find that this is driven primarily by steeper declines at smaller firms in the acquisition of new customers vis-a-vis retaining existing customers.

For example, while the FBI’s number of reported violent crimes fell by 2% in 2021 and 2.1% in 2022, the NCVS’s measure showed increases of 13.6% and 29.3%, respectively. 

Update on the Suez Canal crisis:

  • transits thru the Canal are down -50%
  • shipping lines punctuality is at 54.6%
  • shipping rates prices +44%
  • ships transit times +90%

Latest news is Houthis arming Somalis to extend reach

Creating a dozen different SKUs for all those things is complicated. Getting regulatory approval for every variation is expensive. So most manufacturers sell only a few variations of their models.

It’s good that the justices are speaking out. But conservatives need to understand that there is nothing to all the media stories concocting ethics complaints about the justices —they are simply being targeted by coordinated “oppo research” campaigns.

Criminal referral requests against Anthony Fauci and other public health officials have been submitted to District Attorneys in Louisiana.

But Quayle has some 737s and a pilot base in Guam, where business is weaker than before the pandemic, and he has traffic rights in Tokyo. And he is a problem-solver. So rather than returning some Guam-based airplanes to the mainland to fly them between El Paso and Houston (see what I am doing there?), Quayle wants to see if he can make money from unique assets that were controlled by United and Continental before the two airlines merged.

The general approach that Apple is taking is highlighted in this great 6-minute video from the WWDC keynote. In summary, Apple foundation models focus on personalization (alignment strategies), performance (core models), and size (on-device strategies). Only the last one is orthogonal from other developers out there, but it surely added substantial constraints that inspired the other two.

At the Tribeca Festival premiere of her intimate new docuseries, “In the Arena: Serena Williams,” the former tennis champ talks about becoming the subject of so much media attentiont at an early age, as WNBA rookie Caitlin Clark is now experiencing

The problem appears to mainly affect those riding mountain bikes in all weathers, particularly in Wales and the UK’s other wettest areas, because they are not sealed properly against water ingress. This week, one of the UK’s leading independent ebike motor specialists, the eBike Motor Centre based in Fordingbridge, Hampshire, told Guardian Money it was being sent about 250 motors a month – of all types – from owners desperate to find a cost-effective fix to problems including failed bearings, failed torque sensors and water damage to circuit boards.

“To 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and to every member of both chambers of Congress: We are 1,800 miles away from the southern border here in Harford County and the American citizens are not safe because of failed immigration policy,” the sheriff said.

I think most everybody thinks their travels are more interesting than they really are and that they are more well-traveled than they really are. I fall into both of these categories, and here are some musings on why.


New York, New Jersey, and California are all losing residents, often to these same states. Last year, New York, California and Illinois lost more people to out-migration than any other states. Demographer Wendell Cox notes that the largest percentage loss of residents occurred in big core cities such as New York, Chicago and San Francisco. In contrast, populations grew in sprawling areas such as Phoenix, Dallas, and Orlando. But although New York City had the biggest losses, an outstanding eight out of every 10 New York towns have also witnessed population declines since 2020. Overall, 90% of US growth last year was outside of big cities, the electoral base of the Democrats.

The sentencing was passed by Judge Kollar-Kotelly. After Harlow’s husband begged for mercy, expressing his fear that his wife would die alone in prison, the judge taunted that maybe Harlow would “make an effort to remain alive” because that is a “tenet of [Harlow’s] religion.”

Remember: you will need a special high level ID to fly from Phoenix to Fort Worth but you don’t need anything to vote for the president.

One week after receiving emails from top epidemiologists arguing the virus was likely a lab leak, Fauci caused a virtual ban on questioning COVID’s origin.

I’d argue the worst sign for WaPo is that they’ve lost *half* their audience since 2020 and *$77 million* last year…. and the fact that they have someone trying to get them out of that rut who isn’t overly sensitive to their anxieties (or to P.R.-approved diction) is a net win

Sadly, this very clear and easy way of doing things somehow got lost in the transition to the web.

Managing a team of any size — from a handful of people to a whole company — is a continual balance between trying to empower people to achieve what they want (interesting projects, plentiful opportunities, a plethora of pay increases and promotions) whilst navigating a conflicting reality that doesn’t always want to give it to them

Brain drain from Canada

The editors of Farm Equipment, with the support of dealership software provider VitalEdge Technologies, have updated the 2024 version of an online resource of the farm equipment industry’s largest dealers. Known as the Farm Equipment Dealer 100™, the content is an interactive digital representation of the 100 largest dealers by locations and compiled annually by Ag Equipment Intelligence and Machinery Advisors Consortium

In 2021, Oakland A’s reliever Michael Kelly made a few baseball bets totaling less than $100. It’s going to cost him more than 7,500 times that amount. On Tuesday, MLB announced it was suspending five players, including Kelly, for betting on baseball. While Kelly was one of four players suspended for a year, San Diego Padres infielder Tucupita Marcano received a lifetime ban for his gambling activity. 

So when did the Deere layoffs start this year and which Iowa towns have to fill the workforce hole? Here’s a timeline of the John Deere layoffs of 2024.

They’ll make simple software fast and at high frequency. They’ll have small teams (or no team) and engage directly with their users. Like content creators, there’ll be many kinds of software creators in many mediums. There will be short-form software creators and long-form software creators. There will be educational software creators, entertainment software creators, and lifestyle software creators.

US Embassy in Kyiv sent a notice out overnight for dual US-UA citizens warning that as of June 1, Ukraine eliminated a “residence abroad” exception that allowed some men aged 18-60 to leave. Now dual US-UA citizens, including those who live in the US, may no longer be able to depart Ukraine. This is the latest measure taken by Ukraine amid its push to mobilize more men for its war effort.

Thus, if a Danish borrower takes out a 500k mortgage at 3% interest and then rates rise to 6%, the value of that mortgage falls to $358k and the borrower could go to the market, buy their own mortgage, deliver it to the bank, and, in this way, extinguish the loan. Since the value of homes also falls as interest rates rise this is also a neat bit of insurance. Remarkable!

Weird, I was told by NPR just yesterday that the economy was stronger than ever and if you believed otherwise it meant you had been “deceived” by misinformation

Elon Musk is planning to build what could be the most advanced supercomputer in the United States at the former Electrolux Memphis facility, multiple sources have told MBJ. The supercomputer project was being confirmed in a June 5 press conference held by the Greater Memphis Chamber. Sources told MBJ that the Chamber has been working to recruit the Musk operation to Memphis for months.

Breaking: Germany plans to send criminal asylum seekers back to Afghanistan. “Who abuses the protection we provide, loses the right to this protection.” The German chancellor announces plans to change German law and create new charges.

Not so in eastern Germany. It’s hard to explain this to people who haven’t grown up in a place so uniquely devoid of religion, but believing in God would have taken a very conscious op-in for the vast majority of us.

“This investigation has shown a blatant disregard for the safety of human beings,” Schmidt said. “As the sheriff, I am angered at how these men were treated and how they died.”

Costco plans to sell its customer data to advertisers, building a retail media network.

Wallace and Gromit’s will face their arch-enemy, evil penguin Feathers McGraw, when they return in a new full-length feature film this Christmas, the BBC has confirmed.

The carrier on Friday said it launched a media platform to serve travelers personalized advertisements on seat-back screens and in its app, among other platforms, as it seeks to leverage customer data.

“Yes, we need more affordable ‘missing middle’ housing in Madison. Certainly, add more density where it makes sense. The proposed apartments are neither affordable nor do they add anything to the ‘missing middle,’” Worel wrote to city planners. “What they will add is congestion, noise, and parking issues to a section of Old Sauk Road that is already dangerous for pedestrians, cyclists, and school children alike.”

Listen to @RepThomasMassie explain how obsessed the US Congress is with one foreign country.

A partially reusable Starship would be a rocket with almost twice the payload of a Saturn V (as it would not have to carry tonnes of reuse equipment) but with the economics of a Falcon 9. Being able to launch a vehicle in this class perhaps 100 times a year would be revolutionary in itself. It would give us the kind of presence in space that people imagined would follow Apollo – Moon bases, Mars expeditions, large space stations. No million person cities at that level, but certainly a very exciting future.

In 2004, grayscale cars made up 60.3% of the new car market, which is an understandable number. Grayscale colors are simple, widely liked, and look good on most cars. However, in 2023, that number jumped to a staggering 80%. And, according to iSeeCars, automakers offer the same number of different colors now as they did in 2004, with an average of 6.7 non-grayscale colors. So it isn’t that automakers are afraid of interesting colors. Customers just don’t seem to want them.

The current upper class will fall. Connections. Degrees. Prestige. Perception. Narrative control. The news. Their systems are failing.


Ron Paul said while speaking at the Libertarian National Convention that it is “very clear that there was a coup in 1963, and we’re suffering from it ever since.” “There’s been coups around, and the United States are the champions. We’ve committed more coups in the last 30 or 40 years than probably anybody in history… there’s a lot of people that think that 1963-in matter of fact, I think that it’s very clear that there was a coup in 1963, and we’re suffering from it ever since.”

What are your

websites that display a lot of data / tables?

Animated filmmaker John Musker — who directed such Disney films as “The Little Mermaid,” “Aladdin” and “Hercules” — called out the Walt Disney Company for prioritizing political messaging over story in its recent films. “I think they need to do a course correction a bit in terms of putting the message secondary, behind entertainment and compelling story and engaging characters,” Musker told Spanish outlet El País at this year’s Animayo International Summit in Gran Canaria, Spain.

“And my observation about Kubota is that they’ve made a conscious decision that ‘We want our dealers to get deeper into the area that they have,’ and a limitation on size kind of signals that — their focus and as they add product lines. So that looks like a natural reflection — that is, selling a more broad product line that Kubota has in the geography you have, rather than getting broader.”

John Eastman 1 of 9. This is a 9-part thread about Attorney John Eastman speaking on his findings and informing us about the stolen 2020 election. His presentation on Lawfare in America, hosted by Michigan Fair Elections, was given on May 14th.

During the early rise of consumer PCs in the 1980s, no Western-designed CPU, printer, monitor, operating system, or programming language was capable of handling Chinese character input or output—not “out of the box,” at least. For the better part of the history of computing, computing technology has been biased in favor of certain alphabetic scripts—none more so than the Latin alphabet. In the 1960s, the development team behind ASCII (the American Standard Code for Information Interchange) determined that a 7-bit coding architecture and its 128 addresses offered sufficient space for all of the letters of the Latin alphabet, along with numerals and key analphabetic symbols and functions. Chinese characters, by comparison, would have demanded no less than 16-bit architecture to handle its more than 60,000 characters. And of course, long ago Western engineers piggy-backed on the preexisting typewriter keyboard, using the two-dimensional Shift key to toggle between lower and uppercase letters (Chinese has no alphabet, of course, nor uppercase or lowercase).  

A defining characteristic of the contest is that voters overall have little confidence in either candidate across a range of key traits, including fitness for office, personal ethics and respect for democratic values.

Behind closed doors, even Realtors recognize that their dominance feels tenuous. A report commissioned by NAR in 2015 identified one of the biggest and most likely threats as “entry by a new player” into the real estate market. “A large company like Google could fall in love with real estate, along with its many resources. With a market cap of $356 billion and an insatiable appetite for acquiring companies, buying a large real estate portal and becoming a dominant player in the MLS or portal world is not too big of a stretch,” the report warned.

The system is self-perpetuating. Realtors pay dues to NAR and its more than 1,000 state and local affiliates for access to the MLS, and the dues feed a sprawling political apparatus that keeps the money flowing.

Public records, internal documents and NAR’s own statements show that a central part of this strategy is political spending. NAR spent more than $67 million during the 2022 midterms alone through a dizzying network of PACs, money handed out to state and local real estate associations and a network of anonymous-sounding groups with names like “Alliance for a Better Pennsylvania” and the “American Property Owners Alliance.” The $67 million figure is, in reality, a sizable undercount of what Realtors spent swaying elections: State and local real estate associations pour tens of millions more of their own into races each cycle, and people who list themselves as working in the real estate sector are the second-biggest group of professionals contributing to federal elections after investors, according to the nonprofit OpenSecrets.

This quiet, seemingly innocent change to how Meta reports growth is significant insofar as it will no longer have to report its Daily Active or Monthly active users, meaning that the only source of truth in Meta’s growth story is a vague growth metric that could be manipulated to mean just about anything. Three billion “daily active people” across Meta’s “family” combines WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Messenger (which I’m confident it counts separately), Oculus, and Threads.  

So the couple the Alitos got into a spat with were a pro-BLM mid-30s unmarried white couple with a “pandemic puppy” living at their parents’ house. Let’s just acknowledge the amazing typecasting here. It’s also hilarious btw that a pro-BLM couple’s first reaction to a verbal altercation was to call …. the police.

Thanks to our federal partners, @POTUS, @SenatorBaldwin, and @USTreasury, we’re using $50 million from the State Small Business Credit Initiative to launch this fund, but that’s only the beginning! We expect the fund to grow exponentially, creating at least a $500 million impact.

“I think she cannot complain, because I played Court 8 and 9 and you can hear everything. Like, I can hear Suzanne Lenglen, Philippe Chatrier, Court 6, 7 during the points. I think she’s very lucky she can play all the time on Philippe Chatrier and she’s okay with that.

Increased construction and labor costs in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic pushed the price of the first five townhouses from about $350,000 to over $500,000 apiece, Middleton developer Terrence Wall said in a letter to the city’s Plan Commission in November. Climbing interest rates have also put a damper on homebuying.

The hit film The Sting in 1973 made Scott Joplin a sensation in his hometown of Sedalia Missouri. This is the fiftieth year of the annual Scott Joplin festival.

Back in 2016 I had drunk the media Kool-Aid and was scared out of my mind about Trump. As such I donated to Hilary Clinton’s campaign and voted for her. By 2020 I was disillusioned and didn’t vote – I didn’t like either option. Now, in 2024, I believe this is one of the most important elections of my lifetime, and I’m supporting Trump.

That this case—involving alleged misdemeanor business records violations from nearly a decade ago—was even brought is a testament to the political debasement of the justice system in places like New York City. This is especially true considering this same district attorney routinely excuses criminal conduct in a way that has endangered law-abiding citizens in his jurisdiction.

You can certainly argue that the 235-year-old “gentleman’s agreement” that presidents are not convicted of crimes had to go, but to throw it out for such insultingly ridiculous charges is just a slap in the face to all reason and good judgment.

Most of you know that I have always said that I am a Christian first and a Republican second —because no political party died for me. Today, a verdict was rendered.

An eBay account called Bullseye Deals has been live since 2013, boasting 137,000 followers and over 2.6 million items sold. All of its products seem to be from Target. An identical account on Poshmark was launched in 2022 and has already amassed over 20,000 followers. Bullseye Deals’ branding, while not a perfect replica of the big-box retailer’s logo, is a red dot with the silhouette of a bull inside, which looks an awful lot like Target’s bullseye.

Saleh’s plight is part of a global problem that shows no signs of abating. The United Nations has logged an increasing number of crew members abandoned by shipowners, leaving sailors aboard months and sometimes years without pay. More than 2,000 seafarers on some 150 ships were abandoned last year.

For two years Biden was absolutely adamant that no US weapons could be used to strike Russia. Now he reverses the policy — aka, he lied. So where’s the pushback? Congress, media? What could be of greater consequence than lying the country into war with a nuclear superpower?

The prosecutor is a politician who promised to nail Trump. The judge’s daughter is a Democrat operative who literally raised $$ from the trial while her father presided over it.

While being highly efficient and powerful, the new engines will also revolutionize vehicle packaging by being more compact than existing models. Smaller engines will allow for even lower hoods, improving design possibilities and aerodynamic performance while contributing to better fuel efficiency. The development will also emphasize compliance with increasingly strict emissions regulations.

The Verge and 404 Media are building out new functions that would allow them to distribute posts on their sites and on federated platforms – like Threads, Mastodon and Bluesky – at the same time. Replies to those posts on those platforms become comments on their sites. The fediverse allows users from different platforms and services to interact with one another without creating individual accounts for each platform, letting followers from one platform like and comment on a post on another platform. In other words, it lets social media networks that are independent from one another “talk” to each other. But now publishers want in on the interoperability. The Verge, Vox Media’s tech news publication, and start-up tech site 404 Media are eager to federate their sites — they’re just waiting on the tech to support that functionality to become available to them.

This new insight is created by mapping all the various national media distributors — including broadcast and cable networks and streaming services — up to their parent company. Nielsen calculates the total minutes viewed on the TV screen for each network’s services and aggregates those totals based on initial distributor mapping, ultimately arriving at a share of total TV usage for each parent company. The minimum reporting threshold for a parent company in The Media Distributor Gauge is a 1.0% share of TV. Similar to the fluctuation of monthly TV usage tracked in The Gauge, rankings within the media company view will also demonstrate shifts that correlate with the seasonality of TV viewing. 

Appeal to Heaven: On the Religious Origins of the Constitutional Right of Revolution

Preventing sellers from including their offer of pay for the buyer’s agent “also unnecessarily restrains the seller’s choice and absolute right to offer compensation to a brokerage firm representing the buyer,” the statement said.

The billionaire behind the Chobani yogurt brand has acquired Anchor Brewing Co. with plans to modernize and reopen the historic San Francisco brand that closed last year after 127 years in operation.

On Friday, Hamdi Ulukaya, Chobani founder and CEO, announced that his family office had bought all of Anchor’s assets: the iconic steam beer recipes, the 2.1-acre Potrero Hill campus and all the brewing equipment in the De Haro Street warehouses. The price was not disclosed.

The billionaire behind the Chobani yogurt brand has acquired Anchor Brewing Co. with plans to modernize and reopen the historic San Francisco brand that closed last year after 127 years in operation. On Friday, Hamdi Ulukaya, Chobani founder and CEO, announced that his family office had bought all of Anchor’s assets: the iconic steam beer recipes, the 2.1-acre Potrero Hill campus and all the brewing equipment in the De Haro Street warehouses. The price was not disclosed.

I hate to inform the OSINT accounts but, dubious reports of military strikes aside, the Houthis have successfully imposed a blockade against a US Navy who has no capacity to break it. US Navy control over shipping lanes is stone dead

Indeed selling user information.

Today, state highway departments have rebranded as transportation agencies, but building, fixing and expanding highways is still mostly what they do. So it was notable when, in 2022, the head of Colorado’s Department of Transportation called off a long planned widening of Interstate 25. The decision to do nothing was arguably more consequential than the alternative. By not expanding the highway, the agency offered a new vision for the future of transportation planning.

These platforms completely T-boned media companies. As a media company, you were competing for the same attention of users, but with a strictly higher COGS. The more people you had on your payroll that were creating content, the more exposed you were to being flanked by user-generated content platforms. Structurally, investing in media has been a losing value proposition ever since and value creation has shifted entirely to the platforms that control distribution.

As for what I believe? I think the Democratic Party leadership is acting like shortsighted decisions to open the doors to hell don’t matter because many are in their 80s and aren’t going to be around long enough. And they don’t care enough about their own children or their country to care about the world they leave behind after their demises. I have always said that Trump poses an existential threat. Biden joined that club a while back. He should be removing himself at his age and in his condition and Kamala should not be a heartbeat away from being commander in chief of the world’s pre-eminent thermonuclear power.

Exceptions to this include: Fauci, Illegal aliens, every single person on the Epstein client list, your son, you, your brother, the person who left cocaine at the White House, Obama, Bush, the Clinton’s, every elected official insider trading, Big Pharma the WHO and George Soros. “Sovereign individuals

First attempt at visualizing the mediated Dzhanibekov Rotation as described in @EthicalSkeptic ‘s article.

After being forced into Federal court by us, the White House admits they altered evidence to make Biden appear less incompetent

Simplicity is underrated. Everything about this website is done as simply as I could stand. For example, notice how there’s no database at all. In essence we are using Git itself as our database, specifically that very first repo. That means this site is entirely static, and can be deployed directly to Github Pages without any complications. I don’t think I’ve had to tweak anything about that flow in the last 3 months.

Recently, we released ? FineWeb, a new, large-scale (15-trillion tokens, 44TB disk space) dataset for LLM pretraining. FineWeb is derived from 96 CommonCrawlsnapshots and produces better-performing LLMs than other open pretraining datasets. To bring more clarity in machine learning and advance the open understanding of how to train good quality large language models, we carefully documented and ablated all of the design choices used in FineWeb, including in-depth investigations of deduplication and filtering strategies. The present long form report is a deep dive in how to create a large and high-quality web-scale dataset for LLM pretraining. The dataset itself, ? FineWeb, is available here.

I’ll get to Luxcious in a bit, but it turns out that new sofas, by and large, really do. Why would that be? Well, check out Why Are (Most) Sofas So Bad? in Dwellmagazine which has a weirdly-intermittent paywall, here’s another version.


Under 18 U.S.C. §2071, an individual who “willfully and unlawfully” conceals, removes or destroys a federal record can be fined and imprisoned for up to three years. The statute also applies to attempts to conceal, remove, or destroy a federal record.

The “right to roam” movement in England seeks to reclaim common rights to access, use and enjoy both private and public land, since citizens only have access to 8% of their nation’s land currently.

Coffee houses are one of the earliest examples of ‘Third Places,’ a term popularized by urban sociologist Raymond Oldenberg, who described them as “public places on neutral ground where people can gather and interact. In contrast to first places (home) and second places (work), Third Places allow people to put aside their concerns and simply enjoy the company and conversation around them.” More than that, Third Places are essential to community-building because they bring people together within a shared space who may otherwise remain in more disparate social circles.

This part 2 of the Secret History of Polaroid and Edwin Land. Read part 1 for context. Kodak and Polaroid, the two most famous camera companies of the 20th century, had a great partnership for 20+ years. Then in an inexplicable turnabout Kodak decided to destroy Polaroid’s business. To this day, every story of why Kodak went to war with Polaroid is wrong. The real reason can be found in the highly classified world of overhead reconnaissance satellites.
Here’s the real story.

All tabular knowledge can be stored in a single long plain text file. The only syntax characters needed are spaces and newlines. This has many advantages over existing binary storage formats. Using the method below, a very long scroll could be made containing all tabular scientific knowledge in a computable form.

So, instead of focusing on the pixels, we think of design decisions as how we intentionally use gestalt principles to communicate meaning. And like Tufte’s data-ink ratio compares the strictly necessary ink to the total ink used to print a chart, we can calculate a gestalt ratio which compares the strictly necessary design decisions to the total decisions used in a design. This is design density.

“The Financial Times reported earlier this year that a McKinsey-led think tank, the Urban China Initiative, produced a report….The report, titled, The Trend and Impact of World Technological Revolution and Industrial Transformation, made scores of recommendations to enhance the military and industrial capabilities of the Chinese government.

In the last few weeks there has been a sea change in crypto regulation:

1. Bitcoin spot…

Worse yet, you’re not actually expected to use any of it directly. Instead you’re also supposed to follow the developments of framework abstractions that are layered on top of the foundation specialities, at least doubling the number of complex fields a web dev has to follow and understand, right out of the gate.
This is immense – an expectation so mind-boggling that we need to acknowledge just how remarkable it is that each of us has managed as well as we have.

Google “doesn’t have a choice right now,” Thomas Monteiro, a Google analyst at Investing.com, said in an interview. “Companies need to move really fast, even if that includes skipping a few steps along the way. The user experience will just have to catch up.”

This brings us to the close of our brief tour through the various energy intensive industries. More or less extreme changes to these processes are indicated by the emergence of extremely cheap solar power. These changes present infinite possibilities for disruption of the large, risk averse, growth averse incumbents. The incipient emergence of solar cheaper than fossil fuels is probably the last opportunity to reshuffle the deck in terms of ownership of these various means of production, and represents a unified, industry wide investment thesis with unlimited capacity for outsize returns in response to technical innovation.

With Minnesota having repealed its anti-municipal broadband laws, the Institute for Local Self-Reliance says that 16 states still restrict the building of municipal networks. The Minnesota change “is a significant win for the people of Minnesota and highlights a positive trend—states are dropping misguided barriers to deploying public broadband as examples of successful community-owned networks proliferate across the country,” said Gigi Sohn, executive director of the American Association for Public Broadband (AAPB), which represents community-owned broadband networks and co-ops. There are about 650 public broadband networks in the US, Sohn said. “While 16 states still restrict these networks in various ways, we’re confident this number will continue to decrease as more communities demand the freedom to choose the network that best serves their residents,” she said.

Essays on programming I think about a lot
JULY 2020. Every so often I read an essay that I end up thinking about, and citing in conversation, over and over again. Here’s my index of all the ones of those I can remember! I’ll try to keep it up to date as I think of more.

The inaccessible and abandoned islands of New York – in pictures

USDoD is a high-profile player in this field, closely associated with “Pompompurin”, the operator of the first iteration of data leak site BreachForums. USDoD is said to have plans to set up a successor to the second iteration of BreachForums which was recently seized by law enforcement. Releasing this database may be USDoD’s way to round up some interested users. USDoD is also believed to be involved in a breach at TransUnion, the data of which was (partly) dumped in September, 2023.

We investigate whether an LLM can successfully perform financial statement analysis in a way similar to a professional human analyst. We provide standardized and anonymous financial statements to GPT4 and instruct the model to analyze them to determine the direction of future earnings. Even without any narrative or industry-specific information, the LLM outperforms financial analysts in its ability to predict earnings changes. The LLM exhibits a relative advantage over human analysts in situations when the analysts tend to struggle. Furthermore, we find that the prediction accuracy of the LLM is on par with the performance of a narrowly trained state-of-the-art ML model. LLM prediction does not stem from its training memory. Instead, we find that the LLM generates useful narrative insights about a company’s future performance. Lastly, our trading strategies based on GPT’s predictions yield a higher Sharpe ratio and alphas than strategies based on other models. Taken together, our results suggest that LLMs may take a central role in decision-making.

To conduct this part of our analysis, we collected a random sample of just under 1 million webpages from the archives of Common Crawl, an internet archive service that periodically collects snapshots of the internet as it exists at different points in time. We sampled pages collected by Common Crawl each year from 2013 through 2023 (approximately 90,000 pages per year) and checked to see if those pages still exist today.

After decades of strategic drift and costly acquisition failures, the U.S. Navy is sailing straight into a storm it can’t avoid. Despite the Defense Department’s lip service about China being the “pacing challenge,” decades of deindustrialization and policymakers’ failure to prioritize among services and threats have left the Navy ill-equipped to endure a sustained high-intensity conflict in the Pacific. The United States is unable to keep pace with Chinese shipbuilding and will fall even further behind in the coming years. 

Luckily for the government there isn’t an example of a company building a nationwide charging network much faster and cheaper for them to be compared against. More.