January 9, 2011

GPS Follies

GPS Follies

"Ha, Ha, Ha, GPS, GPS!" - a senior Florentine citizen standing outside my rented car's window, pointing at our TomTom GPS.

We followed the TomTom's instructions from Fiesole through Florence to our evening destination: Central Bologna. However, the TomTom directed us to a dead end: impassable train tracks were straight ahead and we had no nearby alternatives.

After providing the elderly man his GPS humor, I completed a U-Turn and drove east toward an intersection. The TomTom protested, but later "recalculated" the route and we were on our way to Bologna, via the Autostrada.

We had a few more odd navigation moments, one in Lyon and another in Parma. All in all, the TomTom performed well. TomTom sells a GPS receiver that contains both North American and European maps.

** A side note. I used the maps app on my iPhone to augment the TomTom (European iPhone data plans are quite expensive for visiting Americans). Xcom Global provides a useful alternative for on-the go connectivity: unlimited use mifi devices. I highly recommend Xcom.

Jean-Louis Gassee's recent GPS experiences inspired this note.

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