April 5, 2007

Doyle announces initiatives on energy independence and global warming

From the press statement posted on Governor Jim Doyle's Web site:

Office of Energy Independence

Governor Doyle today signed an Executive Order creating the new Office of Energy Independence to advance the Governor’s vision on energy policy and promote the state’s bioindustry. The office will serve as a single-point of contact for citizens, businesses, local units of government and non-governmental organizations pursuing bio development, energy efficiency and energy independence. The office will also identify federal funding opportunities and serve as the State Energy Office, working to maintain federal designation and funding.

One initial project for the office will be to work with the Public Service Commission (PSC) on a potential multi-utility effort to build a “clean coal” electric generation facility.

Judy Ziewacz will serve as Executive Director of the office, which will be located in the Risser Justice Building.

Task Force on Global Warming

Governor Doyle signed an Executive Order creating a Task Force on Global Warming that will bring together a prominent and diverse group of key Wisconsin business, industry, government, energy and environment leaders to examine the effects of, and solutions to, global warming in Wisconsin. Using current national and local research, the task force will discuss and analyze possible solutions to global warming challenges that pose a threat to Wisconsin’s economic and environmental health. The task force will create a state plan of action to deliver to the Governor to reduce our state’s contribution to global warming.

In conjunction with the new task force, the Governor directed the Department of Natural Resources, with the assistance of the PSC, to lead an effort to obtain a current estimate of the greenhouse gas emissions in Wisconsin.

The task force will be chaired by Roy Thilly of the Wisconsin Public Power and Tia Nelson of the Board of Public Land Commissioners.

Regional Summit of Midwest Governors

Governor Doyle announced that he has recently been elected to serve as Chair of the Midwestern Governors Association and will hold a summit of Midwest governors in Wisconsin this fall to focus on regional efforts to achieve energy independence and fight global warming.

In advance of this summit, Governor Doyle asked the PSC and Chairman Ebert to explore new technology that may allow us to capture carbon emissions before they go into the atmosphere, and to see how those technologies might be implemented across the Midwest.

Additionally, as chair, Governor Doyle will focus on reauthorization of the federal Farm Bill and promoting the economic vitality of the Midwest. The Governor’s agenda builds upon the work conducted by Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty as chair over the past year.

To prepare for regional collaboration, the Governor asked the PSC to explore potential opportunities to capture and sequester carbon across the Midwest.

Launch of Credit-Trading System Throughout the Midwest to Encourage Renewable Energy

To keep the cost of renewable energy down and to encourage more development across the Midwest, the PSC is launching a market driven regional effort with Minnesota, Iowa, South Dakota, North Dakota and the province of Manitoba to track and trade renewable energy credits. The Midwest Renewable Energy Tracking System will help support and stimulate a trading market to help these regional partners meet their renewable energy standards.

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