November 15, 2006

Wisconsin 27th in "Entrepreneur Friendliness"

Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council [PDF]:
The Small Business Survival Index ranks the 50 states and District of Columbia according to some of the major government-imposed or government-related costs affecting investment, entrepreneurship, and business.

This eleventh annual Small Business Survival Index ties together 29 major government-imposed or government-related costs impacting small businesses and entrepreneurs across a broad spectrum of industries and types of businesses:
  • Personal Income Tax. State personal income tax rates affect individual economic decision-making in important ways. A high personal income tax rate raises the costs of working, saving, investing, and risk taking. Personal income tax rates vary among states, therefore impacting crucial economic decisions and activities. In fact, the personal income tax impacts business far more than generally assumed because roughly 90 percent of businesses file taxes as individuals (e.g., sole proprietorship, partnerships and S-Corps.), and therefore pay personal income taxes rather than corporate income taxes. Measurement in the Small Business Survival Index: state’s top personal income tax rate.1
  • Capital Gains Tax. One of the biggest obstacles that start-ups or expanding businesses face is access to capital. State capital gains taxes, therefore, affect the economy by directly impacting the rate of return on investment and entrepreneurship. Indeed, capital gains taxes are direct levies on risk taking, or the sources of growth in the economy. High capital gains taxes restrict access to capital, and help to restrain or redirect risk taking. Measurement in the Small Business Survival Index: state’s top capital gains tax rate on individuals.2
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