May 13, 2006

REM Joins Net Neutrality Coalition

R.E.M has joined a growing coalition of artists and musicians who have signed the Artists and Musicians for Internet Freedom petition. The petition is being circulated in response to a large telecommunications bill Congress will soon vote on, one part of which would gut Net Neutrality, the long held principle that all online speech is equally accessible to Internet users, regardless of its source. In practice, Net Neutrality levels the internet playing field, insuring that small blogs and independent sites open just as easily as the sites of large media corporations. It allows every voice to be heard by thousands, even millions of people (Click here to read an article by Robert Reich in American Prospect for background). This freedom is currently under threat because the nation’s largest phone and cable companies have pressured Congress to give them more control over which Web sites work for users based on which corporation pays them the most! If Congress caves, consumer choice will be limited, the free flow of information will be choked off, and the free and open Internet will become a private toll road managed by these large companies.

Please take a minute to watch this enlightening video which clearly explains the Net Neutrality issue.
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