April 10, 2006

Whitepaper on Telco Promises

David Isenberg:
Here's a very well-written report of the Bell's trail of Rate Relief and Broken Promises. It is funded by Broadband Everywhere, a consortium that's openly funded by small cablecos and the NCTA, who are fighting back against the Bell-flavored franchise reform law moving through Congress. It relies heavily on the work of Bruce Kushnick, but it also cites many relevant local press stories from, e.g., Enid OK (where a promise of 500 jobs led to rate relief and a net loss of jobs), Austin TX (where a new Texas law that assumed "competition" would lead to lower prices and granted rate relief actually led to rate caps), etc., etc., etc.

Really good stuff on a bad story that demands more attention! Mainstream reporters, attention please!
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