October 23, 2005

Silicon Valley, Where Brains Meet Bucks

A recent visit and discussions with a mentor friend of mine reinforce Alan T. Saracevic's article: Silicon Valley, Where Brains Meet Bucks. My friend mentioned two ventures where he stuck with ideas through two bankruptcies until they were successful. That type of risk taking and stick to it attitude is generally not seen (there are exceptions) here.
What do you get when you mix two parts money, a healthy dose of brains and another three parts money? Why, Silicon Valley, of course. The most opportunistic place in the world.
The Madison area has plenty of cash. We simply must be willing to use it. Judy Newman notes that Wisconsin lags in high-tech jobs. Posted by James Zellmer at October 23, 2005 9:54 AM | Subscribe to this site via RSS:
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