October 15, 2005

Telco and Cable Companies in the Internet Era

Doc Searls is correct that internet providers should be racing to offer internet services rather than trying to resuscitate dying products:
Phone and cable companies will never be Internet companies. Never. Nor will Newspapers or TV networks. But the latter don't matter as much, because they don't deliver Internet service to homes and businesses. Phone and cable companies do. The Net depends on them.

If Phone and cable companies took the trouble to provide unencumbered symmetrical service — same speeds up and down — and stood prepared to help individuals and businesses of every size use the Net in original ways that they see fit — to engage in Free Enterprise in the open marketplace the Net truly is — countless ways of making money on service to those customers would manifest themselves to the providing companies.

For example, I would gladly pay $100 per month for a block of six IP addresses, no port blockages, and 1Mb of symmetrical service to my home. I would also gladly pay more on a tiered basis for higher levels of traffic and higher grades of provisioned service. Also perhaps for hosting. Offsite data backup (a potentially huge business for which high upstream speeds are required). And perhaps much more. And I'm sure there are millions of small businesses out there that would be glad to do the same. But most of us are stuck with a choice between 1) a shitty asymmetrical service from a phone company that wishes it could still charge for time and distance; and 2) and a shitty asymmetrical service from a cable company that wishes it were still just in the TV channel delivery business.
Locally, TDS, to their credit does offer 4MB symmetrical dsl service (4mbps up and down). Posted by James Zellmer at October 15, 2005 6:54 AM | Subscribe to this site via RSS:
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