September 7, 2005

Lee Kuan Yew Interview on the Rise of China & India

Singapore's first Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew speaks with Der Spiegel on Asia's rise to economic power, China's ambitions and the West's chances of staying competitive:

Mr. Lee: Right. In 50 years I see China, Korea and Japan at the high-tech end of the value chain. Look at the numbers and quality of the engineers and scientists they produce and you know that this is where the R&D will be done. The Chinese have a space programme, they're going to put a man on the Moon and nobody sold them that technology. We have to face that. But you should not be afraid of that. You are leading in many fields which they cannot catch up with for many years, many decades. In pharmaceuticals, I don't see them catching up with the Germans for a long time.

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