August 22, 2005

5Mbps for $50 - Move to Iowa

Madison continues to fall behind in true 2 way broadband, as Jon Van illustrates:

The Mudd Group uses high-speed optical fiber lines supplied by the Cedar Falls Utility, a municipal operation that offered affordable high-speed data connections years before the local cable TV operator or phone company made such services available.

Municipalities from Lafayette, La., to Philadelphia are moving to provide residents with broadband connections, while in others, such as Geneva, Batavia and St. Charles, voters rejected the idea. The initiatives, which proponents say boost local economic development opportunities, are spurring intense battles across the nation with cable and phone companies, which believe the competition is unfair.

The issue is whether it's appropriate for government entities to use taxpayer money to invest in infrastructure that is also a commercial technology because it's offered by cable and phone companies.

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