May 12, 2005

The Capital Times Holds a Town Meeting

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The Capital Times held a Town meeting at Ancora Coffee on Monroe St. this evening. While the crowd was thin (total of 25 or so people, a number from the paper) this event is a useful idea.

The way we all obtain information has changed so dramatically, and continues to do so, it's difficult for me to see the daily newspaper surviving, given the current economics. Weekly and Sunday publications have a better shot, I think - maybe. The trick for the Cap Times is to figure out how to migrate their local coverage into the internet era AND change the way they publish. I'm not sure that their current approach to the internet makes any sense - simply repurposing newspaper content online.
Having said all that, there will always be a market for excellent reporting. My youngest attended the town meeting and wrote up an article, for publication here :)
A Meeting at Ancora

On Thursday, May 12th at Ancora, a meeting about the Capital Times was held. The meeting was held so that the Capital Times could hear what the people had to say. With a cookie and my shuffle, I was content. But, little did I know that I could be content without my cookie or my shuffle.

One of the first issues of the evening was that people wanted more national and international coverage (I don't think that will help the Cap Times - ed).

In the meeting, there were put-ups and put-downs. A topic that I was interested in was talk about micro chips (RFID). People are thinking in ten years, that we will start putting little micro chips in everything, like books. Putting them in books is a great idea. Like, if the books get lost, you can find them, but then I heard that people micro chips in children's clothes.

Sure, the parents will know where the kids are, but anyone can get to this information and then.... I don't want to talk about it.

People have their opinions and their opinions aren't mine, but if you want to know what I like? I like the Capital Times.
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