March 30, 2005

Profit Margins Growing Faster Than Sales.... Newspapers

Or - "Harvesting a market position":
Jay Rosen: Laying The Newspaper Gently Down to Die:
The Project for Excellence in Journalism, in its invaluable report on the state of the news media today, puts it this way: "If older media sectors focus on profit-taking and stock price, they may do so at the expense of building the new technologies that are vital to the future. There are signs that that may be occurring."

Newspapers in 2004, for instance, increased their profits at double the rate (8%) that their revenues grew (less than 4%), according to the Newspaper Association of America, a distinct sign of profit-taking. The industry remains highly profitable. Margins averaged 22.9% in 2004, according to the analyst Lauren Fine, and are expected to rise in 2005. The investment in online publications, though, where the size of the profits is still fairly modest, remains by most evidence cautious.
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