March 26, 2005

Is Microsoft Toast?

Thomas Hazlett:

The US government proved that Microsoft possessed, and  illegally exploited, monopoly power in the "antitrust case of the  century", the six-year action that ended in July 2004. The Final  Judgment allowed Microsoft to remain whole, but imposed conditions  that permit rival software makers to tuck their products into its  Windows operating system. Anti-Microsoft groups were outraged; a  spokesman for one said: "This decision represents the failure of  antitrust laws in the high-tech industry...An unrestrained  monopolist in the most vibrant sector of the economy cannot be good  for America." The critics were right: the Government's remedies have had little  impact. Yet today customers are flocking to Microsoft's competitors.  Hammered on multiple fronts by opportunistic rivals, the high-flying  starship of the PC Age has stalled, and many wonder if it will now  crash and burn..

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