March 20, 2005

Fabien Cousteau: Swimming with the Sharks

To get inside the mind of the Great White shark, Fabien Cousteau is getting inside its body. Not such a strange endeavor, perhaps, for a third-generation oceanographer who was practically born with fins. “I did my first dive on my fourth birthday,” says Cousteau. “My father found me on the bottom of the pool buddy-breathing — a pretty advanced technique for sharing an oxygen tank — with a family friend.”

Since then, Cousteau has hardly surfaced for air. Following in the wake of his famous grandfather Jacques and father Jean-Michel, Fabien has made the oceans his second home. “I went along on their expeditions during every school break,” he says. “I’d scrub the hulls, paint the rails, do whatever needed to be done — and dive. For me, that was vacation. I loved it.”

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