January 22, 2005

Saturday Snow Storm: Music to Shovel.... or a Snowstorm Playlist :)

A few selections from the music my ipod shuffled to while shoveling earlier today (Madison received about 8" of snow).Ironically, I received an email this morning from Tony Novak-Clifford, host of Manao Radio's Sunday Mornings "Sunday Solstice" program as well as Monday & Tuesday morning's "Academy of Errors". Tony's email mentioned a rainy Maui Saturday morning.

UPDATE: Dave sends a link from Boston, which will soon have quite a bit of snow. More Madison Photos: Gala & James Gardner catch snowplow stuck in a snowbank. Ann Althouse posts two early morning photos. More later... Posted by James Zellmer at January 22, 2005 12:53 PM | Subscribe to this site via RSS:
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