January 2, 2005

Taxpayer Bill of Rights [TABOR], A Look at Colorado's Experience

Wisconsin's legislature continues to consider a Taxpayer Bill of Rights. Colorado passed a taxpayer bill of rights in 1992. Steven Walters visits the front range to talk with locals about their version of TABOR. Why did TABOR happen in Colorado? The numbers tell the story:

  • The problem: From 1983 to '92, spending by Colorado state government rose by 97%, while inflation rose 29.7% and the state's population increased by 10.4%. We have a similar problem, unfortunately, Wisconsin's economy is not the powerhouse it once was.
  • The solution: In 1992, Colorado voters - by a 54% to 46% margin - passed a Taxpayer's Bill of Rights that limited state spending and required excess tax funds to be refunded the next year, unless voters let governments keep the surplus.
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