December 24, 2004

SBC: Fiber close to the home (Node) test in Connecticut

Julie Fishman:

Extending optical fiber into the home wasn't labor intensive, she said. The most crucial part of the experiment was the testing to make sure the new equipment and network were reliable, she said.

The next step for SBC is to begin a $4 billion installation project that will put fiber in the company's networks throughout the country. Connecticut is very much part of that project, which is why Norwalk was part of the field test, Esposito said.

In existing neighborhoods, SBC says it plans to use FTTN architecture, which means "fiber to the -node." That system brings optical fiber to a central point in a neighborhood, within 3,000 feet of homes already being served.

Note that this is NOT fiber to the home, rather it's fiber to the node. DSL speeds will be faster, but hardly competitive with the services now available in Japan, Korea and other more advanced countries. SBC can certainly do better. Note that the speeds should be 2 way.

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