December 23, 2004

Burt Rutan Inteview

SpaceShipOne designer Burt Rutan is interviewed by George Nemiroff:

Question: Considering your motivation to innovate and design futuristic air/spacecraft, are you attracted to the Centennial Prizes offered by NASA to develop new craft designs?

Answer: Oh no, I donít believe NASA can properly put out a (developmental) prize like the Orteg Prize or the Kramer Prize, or either the X Prize. NASA has a real habit of trying to help sub-contractors and contractors by monitoring risks that NASA wouldnít take themselves. What NASA needs to do is to put out a very difficult goal to achieve and then not monitor it at all and let those that go after it take their own risks. I donít see NASA doing that. Possibly they will. Maybe they will put someone in charge that knows the benefits of running a prize properly. I havenít seen that yet.

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