December 2, 2004

Broadband Shackles, or the power of telco lobbying

David Isenberg references a broadband report that tells us that Japan, with half the population has about 10 times as many fiber to the home installations as the US.

At the same time, naturally, entrenched telcos are successfully lobbying to kill local givernment's ability to deploy municipal broadband services. This is bad news all around. SBC certainly has not been rushing to bring Wisconsin broadband services up to 21st century standards. Nope, we're stuck in the 1990's here. Jonathan Kim takes a look at the telco lobbying... Xeni has many links on Philadelphia's plans to offer free or low cost wifi access and the deal that Verizon cut with Ed Rendell, Pennsylvania's Democratic governor to give them the right to veto any other municipal broadband plans.

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