November 23, 2004

Brad Livingston: Madison Airport WiFi News

Brad Livingston, Director of the Dane County Regional Airport sent me this note today regarding their plans for WiFi (Wireless Internet) access. Let's hope this happens as it has been a long time coming. Meanwhile, IATA Director-General Giovanni Bisignani is taking on the monopoly, high margin suppliers around the air transport industry. The Economist takes a look at Bisignani's interesting initiatives.

November 22, 2004

Mr. Zellmer:

I have been asked by County Executive Falk to respond to your e-mail concerning progress with respect to the airport’s installation of improved cell phone and Wi-Fi connectivity within the terminal building. The State of Wisconsin Department of Administration is currently developing a Request for Proposal document for the purpose of soliciting proposals from interested companies that wish to provide cell phone and Wi-Fi access services for various locations throughout the city and county, service within the airport terminal will be included in the scope of this project. This process is occurring in an expeditious fashion and will conclude with vendor selection and specific site implementation in the first quarter of 2005.

Thank you for your interest with this facility improvement.


Bradley S. Livingston, AAE
Airport Director

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