October 21, 2004

Loma Prieta +15 Years, Continued

Anchor Banker Brian Zimdars (give them a call) read my post and passed along his recollections from that day (Brian lived and worked in the Bay Area at the time:
I read your story about the earthquakes that hit SF fifteen years ago. It brought back memories. Linda and I were also living in CA at the time, I was working in Palo Alto and Linda was in San Mateo. We lived down in the Almaden Valley in San Jose. I remember my drive home lasting close to three hours, there were massive buckles in the road on 280 which really slowed down traffic. As I made my way down to San Jose it was eerie, all of the power was out in San Jose. What an amazing sight, seeing (or not seeing) more than one million people without power. We did not have any damage to our home. Seeing the devastation to 880 up in Oakland, the damage to the Bay Bridge (I traveled these roads frequently during business trips) and downed housing with fires in San Francisco was amazing. I felt lucky to be in the office that day and not out on the road conducting business. Thanks for the story.
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