October 6, 2004

Political Jihad and the American Blog - Jay Rosen

Jay Rosen takes a useful look at Journalism & Big Media (or MSM - Main Stream Media to some). I like this:

  • The real job of journalism is to help make the public lfe of the nation work well.
  • For journalists, the rise of citizen comment on the Internet should be something to celebrate and learn from.
  • The bias discourse has descended into meaninglessness, which doesn't meant the press isn't trapped by its own preconceptions.
  • The survival of Big Media is not critical, the survival of journalism is. There's a big difference between those two.
  • Bloggers "who care about facts and ideas," and there are many of those, should be wary of the Orwellians on their own side, who are themselves engaged in propaganda-- the charge they are most likely to hurl at others.

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