October 6, 2004

Interesting Spin on City Tax Hike....

Judith Davidoff:

City taxes on an average house in Madison would increase $82 under Mayor Dave Cieslewicz's proposed 2005 executive budget.

That means the owner of an average $205,359 home would contribute about $1,597 to city operations, exclusive of county, MATC or school taxes.

Overall spending under Cieslewicz's budget would increase 3.6 percent, though the property tax levy is going up 5.4 percent.

Brasser said that was due to the reductions in state aids and other revenue sources, as well as having less in reserves to plug the budget hole.

Last year the city had $4.7 million in reserves from the mayor's hiring freeze.

"When all other revenue sources don't keep pace with the inflation in our expenditures, the property tax is what has to make up the difference," Brasser said.

Ideally, this article would include some history - spending and tax increases over the past decade vis a vis population growth, inflation and city employment, among others. If find this obfuscation disingenuous....

If you have views on this, send them to mayor@cityofmadison.com (keep in mind that our total property tax increase will include school and county increases as well).

UPDATE: Dean Mosiman summarizes the Mayor's tax increase plans.

My email to Mayor Dave:

hi Mayor Dave:

I am writing to suggest that you limit your tax increases to no more than the rate of inflation.

The current plan, which evidently includes a 5.4% increase, continues the trend of significant property tax increases.

I have to say that I'm disappointed that you've chosen obfuscation vis a vis the $82 approach vs. the true 5.4% increase.

This spin plays into the statewide property tax control initiatives.

I've posted links and notes here


I'll post your response as well.

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