September 10, 2004

OODA Loop Round and Round Old Media - Amazing!

Observation, Orientation, Decision, Action - John Boyd's OODA Loop applies to military as well as business and now media issues. Yesterday, the Minneapolis based powerlineblog used the power of the net to raise questions about a Wednesday CBS News/60 Minutes story. By the end of the day Thursday, the basis of CBS's story was in doubt, as John Podhoretz explains.

This is truly a new day for citizen information (likely resulting in a variety of outcomes). Years ago, the only "check" on old media would have been a letter to the editor. Today, web writers (for better or worse) operate at a much higher cycle rate than the MSM (Main Stream Media) or old media types. This is the real change: the OODA loop is light years faster than the pre-internet days. Lileks and instapundit have more.

Counterpoint: The Daily Kos. This is funny....

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