August 1, 2004

Driving the U.S. - Gasoline Free

Brian Murphy writes:

BARRING A MAJOR METEOR STRIKE, by the time you read this, Australian Shaun Murphy will have completed his eight-month, 16,000-mile circumnavigation of the United States, completely gasoline-free. Murphy is trying to show the world that gasoline, that stuff we’ve loved, wasted and purchased so cheaply for 100 years, is not necessary. To do so, Murphy is crossing the country in a variety of vehicles powered by everything from soybean oil to electricity generated by the methane of cow dung.

Murphy’s rides have so far included just about the whole catalog of wheeled unconventionalism. Electricity—generated through what Murphy calls clean sources like hydro, solar and wind—powers the three-wheeled Corbin Sparrow, the TZero sports car, a converted Volkswagen Beetle, a converted Pontiac Fiero, a few battery-powered motorcycles and one solar-electric canoe (that’s right, a canoe). Biodiesel powers a VW Golf, a near-10-second quarter-mile dragster, two Hummers and the TV crew’s Ford F-650-based motor home. Ethanol produced from corn powers an airplane in which he flew. The “Human-Powered Car,” meanwhile, has four seats with everyone cranking to make it go. That one didn’t cover much of the 16,000 miles.

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