July 4, 2004

Fiber to the Home?

Stanley Miller's article on SBC's Oconomowoc fiber to the home project (Paved over Pabst Farms new developments only) provides a useful look at what's possible, if the monopolistic telco's ever are motivated to provide reasonable internet speeds (Japan and Korea already have very large scale, inexpensive deployments at these speeds). We in the tech industry refer to these type of projects as demoware.

David Isenberg reviews an interesting recent study (May, 2004) by Telcordia and Sanfor Bernstein (investment houses) called Fiber: Revolutionizing the Bell's Telecom Networks. The study claims that fiber to the premises (FTTP) would reduce (by 30 to 90%!! the telco's operating expenses (in other words, pay for itself over time, vs. the high costs of maintaining their aging copper networks. Interesting reading.

This is a critical economic development issue. Unfortunately, our politicians seem to have their head in the sand on this (SBC status quo lobbying helps, no doubt). I mentioned this issue to then candidate Jim Doyle at a pre election debate: "SBC's telco stranglehold on Wisconsin is a major economic development problem" He replied (paraphrased); "you're right, but we have other economic problems to address first". I think he has this wrong. True high speed bi directional connectivity opens up enourmous new business opportunies.

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