June 02, 2004

Wisconsin School Finance Reform Proposal

The Governor's Task Force on Educational Excellence is evidently poised to suggest that the state fund schools by:

  • Increase the state sales tax to 6% (from 5%) and reduce property taxes by 20% (I'll believe that when I see it)
  • Eliminate the QEO (Qualified Economic Offer)
  • Increase Class size reduction funding to $2,500 per child
  • Reimburse school districts at a higher rate for educating high-cost special education students.
Amy Hetzner summarizes the proposal.

I think that school funding should include:

  • Sales tax reform (newspapers, advertising - are currently not taxed)
  • Increase in annual vehicle fees, reflecting the cost of a auto and the fuel efficiency
  • Increased Federal Funding via reform of the Social Security tax so that all wage income is taxed, not just the first $87,600.

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