May 27, 2004

Government Data Mining

Barry Steinhardt referenced today's GAO Report on Government Data Mining (full report - PDF) - (Highlights PDF). Steinhardt mentions four programs of special concern:

  • Verity K2 Enterprise - Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). Mines data "to identify foreign terrorists or U.S. citizens connected to foreign terrorism activities." (Page 30 of GAO report)
  • Analyst Notebook I2 - Department of Homeland Security. "Correlates events and people to specific information." (p. 44)
  • PATHFINDER - DIA. "Can compare and search multiple large databases quickly" and "analyze government and private sector databases." (p. 30)
  • Case Management Data Mart - DHS. "Assists in managing law enforcement cases" Using private-sector data. (p. 44)

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