February 16, 2004

William Gibson's Pattern Recognition

William J. Wineke writes:

William Gibson is credited with inventing the term "cyberspace" two decades ago and imagining a system he called the "Matrix" long before Al Gore "invented" the Internet. <

He forecast the development of the digital world in his book "Neuromancer," published in 1984, which won the Hugo, Nebula and Philip K. Dick awards for science-fiction writing. No fiction writer in the land is more associated in the public mind with the digital world than is Gibson. <

His latest book, just released in paperback, is "Pattern Recognition" (Berkley: $14). It tells of Cayce Pollard, a market researcher who spends her time trying to recognize cultural and social patterns corporations can turn into cash. She becomes intrigued with a series of anonymous Internet video clips that have become an underground sensation.

Pattern Recognition is an excellent book.

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