Time on a Farm

Driving through rolling hills is a visual treat.

Add the challenges of farming said hills, managing livestock and running a milking operation. These operations require a strong constitution, an appetite for risk and the ability to constantly improve the business.

I saw waste repurposed to compost, ongoing investments in labor saving tools and the use of software to smartly plant hilly ground, saving precious seed and fertilizer.

Making these operations go on a family scale is not for the faint of heart.

PS. Dairy prices are worth a look.

The New, New Thing and Tokyo, 2018

Exploring, creating and sharing new information methods has long been of great interest to me.

Voracious readers, my parents subscribed to three newspapers (four, now that I reflect on those times) and many magazines during my early years. The depth and breadth of these publications allowed me to explore many topics, including technology, from creation to application development.

I learned that many technologies are useful, but some remain an answer in search of a question, or perhaps ahead of their time.

The development and release of Quicktime VR created a first wave of experiences and applications. Many were crude, but illustrated a vision, if not a future opportunity – one day, “real soon now”.

There have been stops and starts, potholes, investments and failures along the way.

Just a few years ago, I received a message from a second year Computer Science major. A mutual physician friend suggested that we talk.

The student arrived at our meeting over tea with an iPad running a javascript based virtual shopping experience. He sought my feedback (!)

I replied that I’ve seen it before, in the late 1990’s, using Quicktime VR.

Yet, we now seem to be approaching a new period of possibility, if not exuberance, investment and opportunity.

The supremacy of powerful, mobile devices featuring beautiful displays and emerging 3D technology offers an interesting playground for creators and explorers.

The IVRPA has, for twenty years, provided a place to learn and share immersive experiences. As such, it’s a privilege to participate in their upcoming 2018 conference.

I plan to discuss a family project: the amuz app: App Store. Play store availability “real soon now”.

amuz is designed to be fast way to explore new places and experiences using a variety of media.

It’s a fun project and one that may be useful for many people around the world.

This chart, illustrates the exploration opportunity:

We’ll see.