Cameras and “Drop the Puck”

Illustrious camera (and lens) manufacturer Nikon announced an “extraordinary loss” and a “fundamental company-wide restricting” today [1].

This news followed CIPA’s 2016 report that “total shipments decline(d) 31.7 % year on year; interchangeable lens camera shipments as percent of total shipments grow to 48%”.[2]

However, while iPhone images are quite good, [3]

there remain plenty of opportunities to use great Nikon (Canon, Sony, Zeiss, Fuji, and so on) lenses in combination with larger sensors and useful software such as IBIS, IS and VR (techniques to stabilize the image when using slow shutter speeds) along with high frame rates, as in “Drop the Puck”:

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[1] Nikon’s 13 February 2017 Press Release.

[2] CIPA 1 February 2017 Press Release.

[3] S is for Sports (2013 and 2014)

Behind the Stars A Concise Typology of Michelin Restaurants in Europe


The Michelin star system in Europe is the best-known and most respected ranking system for high-quality or haute cuisine restaurants. This study examines Michelin’s grading procedures and how chefs and res- taurateurs perceive the ranking system and the Michelin awards. The study surveyed chefs in thirty- six restaurants ranked as having two or three Michelin stars over the period of ten years in France, Belgium, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland. The chefs iden- tified the following key factors that attributed to the success of their restaurants: investment and invest- ment types, sources of financing, pursuit of excel- lence, and culinary craftsmanship involved. While the Michelin star chefs were tremendously successful as culinary artisans, this study revealed that the financial success of the Michelin star-rated restaurants was far more heterogeneous.

A Noto Walk

A walk is one thing, and in Noto, quite beautiful.

An informed walk. Well, that is quite something else.

Roberto Mirabile seasoned our walk with history, architecture, cuisine and local color as we strolled around beautiful Noto, Sicily.

Should Sicily be in your plans, time with Roberto is interesting and enjoyable.

Wikipedia on Noto, Sicily.

Oh, Mt. Etna on approach to Catania airport:

Digital Photography Market

Zion Market Research:

The report analyzes and forecast digital photography market on a global and regional level. The study offers past data of 2015 along with forecast from 2016 to 2021 based on revenue (USD Billion). Assessment of market dynamics gives a brief thought about the drivers and restraints for the digital photography market along with the impact they have on the demand over the forecast period. Furthermore, the report includes the study of opportunities available in the digital photography market on a global level.

The report gives a transparent view on the digital photography market. We have also included a detailed competitive scenario and portfolio of prominent vendors operative in the digital photography market. To understand the competitive landscape of digital photography market, an analysis of Porter’s Five Forces model for the market has also been included. The report offer market attractiveness analysis, wherein product, application and regional segments are benchmarked based on their general attractiveness, market size, and growth rate.