Working Together

Ideas are everywhere.

Turning an inkling, thought, notion or even a plan into something real mostly requires working with others. And, working successfully, ideally, toward a common goal. Working together has risks, of course. It sometimes leads to conflicts, miscommunication, disagreement, differing expectations and failure.

Some time ago, I read that the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s Reformation [1] loomed in 2017. The printing press was an essential asset to Luther’s work.

My notion: why not create a simple, multi-lingual daily verse app for iPhone, iPad and the Watch? The appetizer? Text to speech on iOS and Watch.


A talented friend helped refine the user experience, yet I needed someone to build, test and deploy the app.

Vikram Aich, prospecting (prospecting!), entered my inbox. I appreciated his simple and straightforward message. It lacked fluff and unnecessary words.

A bit of back and forth on requirements and costs followed. Needless to say, the apps were built, tested and are now available in the App Store.

There were a few bumps in the process, but Vikram and his colleagues persevered. That willingness to make it work, despite obstacles, is essential to creating great products and services. I am thankful for this successful initiative.

“Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you…” [2]

Check out the My Verse app:

Apple Watch




[2] Matthew 7:7

Happy Easter!

Post sunrise Easter service, I reminisced over tea about 2007. My astonishment, now 9 years ago, was plain as we sat in Hanoi’s St. Joseph’s Cathedral on Easter Sunday morning.

In French and poignant, there were no shortage of lilies that day.

The number of Christian churches astonished me as we traversed Vietnam.

Hanoi’s cathedral is well worth a visit.

Wikipedia. TripAdvisor comments.

My Verse App for iPhone, iPad and the Apple Watch.