Ivey takes a look at Madison (Verona’s) Epic Systems

Mike Ivey takes a useful look at Madison’s quiet technology giant (I don’t think there’s really any competition in the local tech sector), Epic Systems:

The company remains privately held by its employees – shares are repurchased when anyone leaves – and maintains it has no intention of ever making a public stock offering. The share price has gone from $14 in 1996 to over $100 today, making Faulkner one of the most successful, if not wealthiest, businesswomen in the state.

Still, Faulkner rarely grants interviews, doesn’t schmooze with the local tech crowd and has no intention of changing her approach. Faulkner has said the focus should always remain on the company and its mission to serve patients.

Software is a difficult business. Judy Faulkner and everyone at Epic deserve a great deal of credit for their success. Having said that, this next step is a big one, filled with sharks. I wish them well!