March Morning Scenes amidst Covid-19

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Kevin Hundley, via a kind email from my Father:

Almighty God, we come before you to plead for your protection and guidance. We acknowledge that nothing takes place on this planet without your observation and control and that even natural disasters and dreadful diseases are known to you. According to your will and ways, spare us and those we love from the discomfort of the Coronavirus and especially from its more serious consequences. Give wisdom to health agencies in our community, our nation, and the world to work together to slow the spread of this disease, care for its victims, and discover a reliable cure. Move the forces of government to assist those affected by the disease and to coordinate a calm and fitting response. In your good time restore common sense among us and return a spirit of order to our society.

Gracious Lord, we believe that you use disasters and diseases to remind us and our world of your sovereignty and significance. Let people everywhere acknowledge that we human creatures are not in control of life and death and that there is a divine power under whom we live and breathe and have our being. Bring us to our knees as we recognize your power and our sins. Then let Christian messengers around the world share the healing power of the gospel so that souls may be directed to your life-saving love in Christ. During this troubling time lift our eyes to the cross of your Son to see your wisdom, power, and love and may that cross lead many to repentance and faith. We pray through Jesus Christ, Our Lord.

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