The Joys of a Road Trip – North

A recent headline [1]:

Nearly half of Americans didn’t go outside to recreate in 2018. That has the outdoor industry worried.

Sobering statistics in the Outdoor Participation Report show even kids are staying inside. “We should really be concerned as a nation that we are becoming an indoor nation,” Outdoor Foundation boss Lise Aangeenbrug says

Indeed. It is easier than ever to simply sit there and tap away.

Unfortunately, one misses out on so much, not to mention friendly chats, everywhere.

And, so it was that we drove north for a few days. What treasures did we find?

Fresh and smoked trout.

The Wisconsin DOT seeking feedback at a clean rest stop.

Art, at a Culvers no less.

Albert Schmiege.

And, perhaps the biggest surprise, a wall dedicated to surfer Tom Blake [2] at the impressive Washburn, WI historical museum.

Take a deeper dive: “The Dog Days of Winter” and explore the Bayfield area and more in the amuz app.

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[1] Jason Blevins

[2] Tom Blake notes and links.

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